Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Apparently mockery is the sincerest form of flattery or so I'm told. Take the following for example from Steve Magruder's facebook page: "Steve Magruder I have just created a new list titled 'Louisville News&Politics' using TweetDeck,"

What else can be said? Plenty of course.

Louisville News and Politics has been a name I have used for years and primarily over 2 years ago began the website Louisville News and Politics. This name is a recognized for many in politics, and those who keep up with them, not only here in Louisville but across the State as well. In fact some of my readers are worldwide and Federal government entities as well.

States across the Nation follow my MSD stories and other ones I put myself on the line for such as the political corruption of Councilman Jim King and the illegal financing of daughter Judge Katie King. Why? Because these stories are similar across the Nation and many have similar problems and look for answers. I happily give them.

For some soldiers abroad they visit my site to see what is happening on the local, state, and national political front because I do not sugar coat it. I just tell it like it is. Is this perhaps the reasoning behind Magruder using my name? To capitalize for his own name recognition off of mine?

Who knows. I certainly don't since Magruder never even so much as gave a courtesy call or wrote to ask me what I would think of this obvious attempt at recognition and credibility for himself.

While many have been trying to silence me for some time, including some of Magruder's associates, I guess they think infiltrating my name will get the job done they cannot do any other way. Rest assured I will continue doing what I do for as long as I want to.

Anyone following Louisville News and Politics knows this. Because of this apparent attempt to discredit or capitalize on my name I must write this article and make sure you the reader know this twitter account is not from me.

The Louisville News and Politics twitter account is NOT from me, my staff, or anyone involved with the Louisville News and Politics, MyViewMatters Radio Show, or MVM Media Group in any way.

We do not condone any remarks made by anyone who follows this twitter page or Steve Magruder in any way shape, or form.

We vehemently oppose Magruder or anyone else using the name we have made relevant for years in a way that is not APPROVED by nor sought from anyone associated with Louisville News and Politics, MyViewMatters Radio, or MVM Media Group.

Trust that in the event we were to ever make such an alliance to use our known name willingly it will be in writing and broadcast for all to see.

The truth in this case must be known so as not to damage our reputation by anything those like Magruder would attempt to publicly state.


  1. This is a blind side if ever I saw one. I'm not sure why such a personal attack is being levied without any attempt to contact me beforehand so I could explain anything.

    I did not create a Twitter account as described here. It is simply a Twitter _list_ of Twitter users related to Louisville news and politics.

    Perhaps I will change it to "Louisville Politics&News" to settle things down.

    But rest assured that the rampant paranoia expressed in this post is 100% unjustified.

    And I would never try to silence anyone. I actually appreciate all the citizen activity going on in and around Louisville, including voices I don't always agree with.

  2. Blind side? LMAO. When I receive calls and email telling me that Louisville News and Politics is being used on twitter it is a problem. This is a public name I have put my name on for years and if you post anything on the twitter account under this name it will be usually attributed to me.

    Accusing me of blindsiding you for not even calling you? I am still wondering where I missed your call letting me know you would use my commonly known web name. Since you did not call me and are a follower of this website for a long time you may want to rethink that blind side comment.

    There is no paranoia here only a blatant disclaimer that I am not responsible for any content on your twitter acocunt that could be confused with coming from me.

    I have no direct control over anything you twit using this name therefore I must make sure anyone who would confuse this twitter page for content from me knows better.

    In fact I wonder if you would take responsibility if i started twittering under history and issues and let folks think I was you.

    I have a feeling that you would protect your name after all the work you have put in your site as anyone would.

    Try using courierjournal or heck keep it local use thevillevoice. I am sure they would have the same problem.

    Twitter away but I stand by this disclaimer and the content of this article.

  3. A Twitter list and a Twitter account are two different things, you Twittiot! :)

    Why all the manufactured outrage anyway?

    I never said or even implied that I was trying to "let folks think I was you."

    This is pure paranoia.

    If I were thin-skinned like yourself, I would demand an apology, but alas, I think you've done all the damage to yourself that is possible, so I'm just sitting here laughing.

  4. I never claimed to be a twitter expert. Of course I never spent most of my life in my mommy's basement learning about it either. But hey to each their own.

    The facts are, by your own statement, that you were surprised I didn't call you when I was informed about this. The fact is you didn't call me to discuss using a name I have been using publicly for years.

    The fact is that dozens contacted me about this or I would have never known about it since I do not habitually follow twitter. They thought it was from me and wanted to know why I didn't publicize it.

    This of course defeats your argument about paranoia and no one would think it was me or my info.

    That is the basic problem. Wittingly or unwittingly you created a situation where some would automatically align me with this twitter list. As such since I have no control over content or substance it would be easy for anyone to identify me with anything you write on there.

    You honestly would not object if someone used history and issues and folks thought it was you? You arent that naiveor stupid. At least I odnt think you are but I could be wrong.

    You most certainly would do all you could to insure they knew better to protect yourself.

    Quite frnakly your thin skin shows enough on other blogs, and on comments posted on this one by you, to make tis partof your argument laughable at best.

    Work on your own thin skin and look at the reality. No one in local political reporting would do other than I have.

    Try using thevillevoice or something similar by any local and see how Jake Payne or anyone else reacts.

    Most of us are very opinionated and take the hits for what we do on our own and gladly take responsibility for it. To take responsibility unknowingly because of someone else is not acceptable period.

    I certainly claim responsibility for my actions but will not be guilty by association because of you and your use of any similarities to my known name.

    Do what you always do and whine because you got nailed and then try to justify when you are wrong. I really dont care but the truth is now known and my name is protected from your idiotic ideals.

    twit away!

  5. No, I would _not_ object if someone used "historyandissues" for a Twitter list, which is merely a group of Twitterers being followed.

    I continue to be amazed that you won't recant your original tale that I created a "Twitter account" using your blog's name.

    This never occurred. So you nailed me on something that is a lie. If you want to stand by that, feel free.

    It's your integrity at stake, not mine.

  6. So, you're shown to be a complete idiot and completely wrong in your anger about the Twitter function, but like most conservatives you don't let the facts of the situation stop a childish rant.

  7. Steve really I have already given you your time to respond on this site and this will be the last you are allowed to do so. You were given time to state your case freely, in contrast to many who moderate comments and will not allow a fair opportunity to do so, so this is was your last comment.

    There is no lie for the last time. When others contatced me, since I am not a twitterer or wasn't at the time anyway, because they thought you were using info from me, well you still dont get that and never will. That is your problem. I have no apologies to make.

    As I have told you in cuontless emails you keep bombarding me with wanting free radio time and whatever else, my integrity is fine.

    Now go twitter away.

  8. lmao "anonymous". Seriously? It is so funny when you guys stick together. :-)

  9. Not at all, sir. I don't even know Steve Magruder. But what IS actually funny is that you didn't know the difference between a twitter list and a twitter account. Now that it's been explained to you and you're made to look a little silly, you keep up the anger by making up other stuff and attacking him personally. It's a very typical Fox News/Beck/Limbaugh/GOP tactic over the last few years. You're good at it, but anyone with half a brain (which leaves out most conservatives) can see what you're doing.

    I'm saying, it's okay that you're old, stuck in your ways and a bit of a luddite. Just admit you didn't know the difference and that you were wrong. Easy to do.

  10. Agree with Ed here 100%

  11. LMAO anonymous. Keep it up I need a good laugh on occassion. Now once again for comprehension purposes a twitter list or page is irrelevant since people post on the twitter list. Since the name is associated with me I do work to protect it. I could care less what anyone post on it but readers, including those that wrote me worried about it, need to make sure it is not me authorizing since I do not control content.

    Explained or keeping up the anger? LOL I am not the one who continues trying to argue the point. I stated my side Magruder stated his that is the end of it. I was fair in allowing Steve these posts from him as many moderate post and would not do so.

    About the only thing typical here is the ongoing whining from the liberal left as you appear to be. By the way I don't listen to Rush/Beck/ or Faux news. Rush is an incessant bore who is full of himself. Not to mention a hypocrite in many things including his faux rants against people dependent on drugs until he was outed.

    Beck wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. If it did hit him in the face he would cry on air and blame the Democrats for it. And Fox news? There are other sources readily available then ones that show an obvious twist in fair and balanced coverage.

    My site is my site. Opinions are my own. I never claim to be mainstream though mainstream does use some of my stories.

    Try again :-)

  12. Anonymous #2 above? Thanks for the kind words I appreciate your support.


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