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It has been awhile since I updated you on the gambling situation in regards to Churchill Downs. Months ago KEEP made a deal with Greg Stumbo, who is putting together a run for Governor, that would essentially use the plan elements of bypassing legislation to get gambling at Churchill Downs.

The reason? So Stumbo could get the credit for "saving" the horse industry by taking the blueprint for someone else's work. Nothing new there with Stumbo. In fact you can read articles throughout this website where I outlined most of it. How is Larry Clark involved?

Clark first planted the seed for what they are trying to do now with the instant racing games that are common in Arkansas.

Patrick Neely, leader of KEEP and errand boy for ex- Governor Brereton Jones, the real power behind KEEP, and a horseman as well, called last year to set up a meeting to discuss how charities and KEEP could co-exist. You can read about it here: Louisville News and Politics: CATCHING UP: FRANKFORT, JIM KING, ETC, ETC.

He wanted us to show him a plan that would allow both to co exist and wanted us to do the work for him. We did it all. Once it was done they reviewed it then started playing games with Clark and Stumbo using our plan in their efforts to defeat charities.

We were more than happy to work together to benefit charities and horsemen in Kentucky. We never complained about the countless hours spent researching the laws and restructuring the laws in a way that would allow all to succeed. At the same time we were adding $100's of millions of dollars to the State, millions to the horse industry, and making sure Charities survived.

It was a worthy effort then, as it is now, to ensure the future would be a better one for all involved. All at our expense not one bit of help from KEEP, who approved the plan then balked when they found a way to use the idea for their own selfish gain. No help whatsoever from anyone in Government except Senator Perry Clark who worked with us diligently. A special mention must go to the LRC for their hard work in helping us.

In short we had skin in the game. Brereton Jones and Patrick Neely of KEEP didn't. Noting new as that is how they operate. Let someone else do the work then manipulate it for your own gain. Sure makes it easy for them huh?

You can also read most of the articles I have done on this here: Louisville News and Politics: Search results for charitable gaming

I spent months writing and rewriting SB 222 sponsored by Senator Perry Clark, based on a verbal agreement with Neely of KEEP, Kaven Rumpel representing the Kentucky Charitable Gaming Association, and Bart Atkins, President of D.A.D.S.

Of course the plan all along for KEEP was to make sure KEEP got their money at all expenses with no regard whatsoever to those charities they are trying to put out of business. We felt this time would be different though because they sought us out. I admit I was very hopeful for the first time that finally opposite sides could actually work together given the grave situation everyone is in.

Sadly, for once I took an honest chance and as usual from these idiots was left to be disappointed.

The gimmick instant games that Stumbo is trying to take credit for now would essentially require no legislation but reg changes only which can be done without a major fuss by the House and Senate. And of course it incorporates the basic blueprint plan myself and Kaven Rumpel organized and wrote for the betterment of all.

KEEP has proven once again, as has Stumbo, and Larry Clark, that they are corrupt, and will do anything illegal or unethical to get what they want.

In this case they have screwed up.

Greg Stumbo? Larry Clark? Patrick Neely? Brereton Jones? Read carefully.

You were all told keep things on the up and we would as well. We worked our butts off in an honest open manner to ensure all could be provided for. Against our better judgement we entrusted you guys to follow through. That in itself was a major step for Charitable Gaming after all the problems you have created by buying Reps with your lobby money. We readily extended the olive branch.

You chose to do otherwise. The lies and deception you have employed have proven once again that you cannot be trusted to represent the best interests of the PEOPLE of our Commonwealth.

You chose to go down this road and play this game?

I promised then I would not let you guys destroy the charities or attempt to hurt them further back in November 2009. I meant it then and I mean it now.

Get ready.

You haven't seen anything yet.

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