Thursday, July 1, 2010


Tonight I decided to do a show without a formal guest. Based on feedback from you the listener it has been decided to go in a slightly different direction. Though we will still focus on guests we will also not allot a whole hour to them every time. There will be occassions we continue to do that especially with candidates for office but we will work towards a direction that allows us to get to more content for you the listener. Tonight I had in studio my reguklar co host Ed Martin to discuss all kinds of things.

You asked for it we deliver!

Tonight's show focused on quite a bit. We discussed the BP oil spill, illegal immigration, had on site interview with Hal Heiner at his new satellite Mayorla campaign headquarters on Dixie Highway, and another on site interview by Clint Hardy of KY Grassroots radio and the Take Back Kentucky leadership.

We are reaching everything you can imagine and hope you like it.

Want to get heard on the radio?

We also announced our new contest where the reward is being a co host on air live for a show. the rules are simple. Write and tell us why, in 250 words or less, you want to be a co host and what you have to offer.

Send your response with the subject "I want to be a co host" to and we will pick the top three and do a phone interview with each. The winner will be chosen and get to do a whole show with yours truly!

Entries must be received by July 8, 2010 and the winner will be announced on the July 15 show.

Let your voice be heard and enter today.

In the meantime enjoy the show below.

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