Thursday, August 26, 2010


Lead plaintiff David Caldwell, who filed charges challenging the candidacy of 3rd District Congressional candidates Libertarian Ed Martin and Independent candidate Mike Hansen, has voluntarily dismissed himself from the case leaving GOP Vice Chair Cordell Lawrence as lead plaintiff in this suit. The story given for Caldwell's dismissal was that he was too busy to pursue the case, however, as in most cases there is more to the story.

WLKY's Andy Alcock carried the story tonight.

As my partner Ed Martin is famous for saying in a word? WOW.

Apparently Caldwell was found in front of a computer in the U of L campus library on Friday in a compromising position. LMPD was called and Caldwell was arrested for indecent exposure. I guess he was excited since Friday was when the charges against Martin were made. In the meantime, I know David. Though this does not surprise me in the least I also know David has some serious problems and needs help.

More alarming to me is that the Republican party leadership knows this as well but have no qualms using him as a hound dog for their personal business. David is as gung ho as it gets when he is focused on a problem and the party loves nothing better than to keep him focused. I also believe that they were intricately involved in helping him "decide" on his own to file these erroneous charges by convincing him it would help Todd Lally. Why else did the Vice Chair not stand alone when filing them?

If there is any one thing David is adamant about it is his loyalty to the Republican party. He is one that follows the party blindly and believes any Democrat is a bad one. In many ways, though I am not making excuses for his behavior, it is not his fault.

David was in an accident a few years ago where he was hit by a bus. Most would not have survived it and David has suffered through some problems since then. Guess where. It is quite possible, and many would say probable, that the seed planted to go this route was planted to David by the Republican leadership or a candidate he supports. It is possible the reason that the Vice Chair was put forward as a co complainant is to lend credibility to the case just in case David's troubles became known. They simply did not want to take a chance on losing their perceived credibility in this matter.

By the way the attorney representing the GOP, Vincent F. Heuser is also the 30th LD chair for the GOP. Big surprise huh? And this is not purely intentional harassment? But I digress.

To be used in this manner, whether Caldwell filed the charges himself or with guidance from others, by the Republican Party knowing his difficulties is a testament to just how low they will go just to get elected. It is shameful and it most certainly hurts David and we the voter as well.

Maybe I am being too harsh, maybe not. I fully expect to be chastised by the party over this article but I don't really care. David needs real help not this kind of help.

Because of the implicit behavior of the republican party in this situation I have decided once again to help the Lally campaign myself by giving them a free slogan.

Yep no thanks necessary guys.

From now on you will be affectionately known as the "Lally whackers." I can see the T shirt now with a picture of Todd smiling on the front and the slogan beneath "I am a proud Lally whacker"

Kind of has a familiar ring to it doesn't it?

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