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While browsing the blogosphere today I ran across this the latest from Rick Redding over at ulocal on WLKY Developers Get Behind Fischer - Louisville, KY, United States, 40299 - WLKY's u local Local Voices post - u local, Your Kentu.... This is just more proof of why Greg Fischer does not need elected and is just more of the same as the Abramson power regime.

Fischer apparently thinks that this big fundraiser he is having tonight will have such a dramatic effect on Hal Heiner because these are Contractors and they like Fischer. Um Greg get a clue. You yourself contributed money to both sides during elections and know full well that that is how the game is played.

Redding stated this:

I'll bet a lot of folks on this list are also giving money to Heiner, hedging their bets in what looks to be a close election by showing support to both sides. Developers and builders, as much as any industry, need the help of local government when it comes time to get favorable zoning decisions. And local government is behind a lot of construction contracts. So this is just how the game is played.

Of course it is.

The fact is most of these business donors do contribute to both sides thus covering their base. Old game tried and true. No Greg, Hal Heiner will be just fine and will receive his share. The fact that Fischer is trying to act like this is a huge deal tells you just how desperate he really is in this election.

Looking at the names on his donor list proves it even more. Though his list of names does include some of the same boring old money interests, that have held Louisville back in so many ways I can't count, there are a couple that clearly stand out and show Fischer is more of the same. I will name two of them.

Jack Dulworth you may recall has been the subject of a couple of articles on this site and was one of the biggest crooks of all while serving with Planning and zoning. Pay to play was alive and well and Jack controlled the strings. You did it his way, bought him off, or were blackballed for standing against him. Read more here for a brief history: Louisville News and Politics: Search results for jack dulworth

The second name that has come on the radar is none other than Bill Bardenwerper. Bardenwerper was complicit in many of these schemes. Maybe not for doing the dirty work himself but certainly for jumping ship out of fear of Dulworth. Not a great sign for an attorney you hire to represent you. He was scared to stand up to corruption for fear of Jack and his own personal interests. No wonder he became a part of the machine. Protection. Sounds like mob racket doesn't it?

In fact listen in below to this tape of a convo with Chris Thieneman in 1998 where Bardenwerper confirms that Chris was intentionally being screwed by Bardenwerper for revenge. He also said Hal Heiner was on Jack's shit list as well.

For a long time now Chris has been portrayed as some whack job for standing up against injustice. In Bardernwerper's own voice he clearly shows Thieneman was right and Chris has been fighting against the injustices since. The actual conversation is about 45 minutes long. This version only has roughly the first 10 minutes of it to make for easier listening.

Check it out:

And these are just a couple of examples of why Greg Fischer should not be Mayor. Quite frankly we have had enough of these people and way of life from the Democratic machine here in Louisville. During the 2006 Mayoral race I had a program I called the DTS program. The Drugs,thugs, and slugs program. It was my personal public safety plan of what I intended to do to clean up the streets.

I have since come to the conclusion that until we clean up government the elected leaders like the streets just fine. How can they put together programs to clean up crime when they are part of the crime itself?

We must pay close attention to the thugs and slugs in the Democratic machine politics today. Fischer is proving more and more he is part of that machine. To move forward we must get rid of those that would destroy us for their own personal gain.

That most certainly includes Greg Fischer....

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