Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today will be a busy one and the rest of the week is shaping up to be as well. Let's start here.

HAL HEINER: Hal is not wasting any time and will be announcing his 5 ideas for Louisville's future today. Is it just me or does Hal seem to get it by being involved throughout the entire community and accessible to the people? I like his style more everyday.

Hal Heiner Kicks off Fall Campaign with
“5 Ideas for Louisville’s Future”

LOUISVILLE, KY – Today at 10:00AM Councilman Hal Heiner will announce five key policy items ranging from transportation to education. The press announcement will take place at the entrance of Commerce Crossings Business Park located at the intersection of Preston Highway and Commerce Crossings Drive Louisville, KY 40229.

HOUSE DISTRICT 35 CANDIDATE MICHAEL LEWIS: Michael Lewis will be at the Okolona farmer's market today at Southern High School on Preston Highway. The farmer's market typically has a good crowd and is a great way to show support for your local community.

And of course you can be sure to see a candidate or two along the way.

JACKIE GREEN: Jackie, as is true to form, is staying involved in his single issue transportation platform as an Independent for Mayor of Louisville. He will be attending the transportation planning meeting tonight at 6:30. Read below and props to Curt Morrison for publicizing the event.

Department of Transportation is seeking public input during fed review of metro transportation planning process for Louisville Area that takes place once every 4 yrs. Next meeting is August 10, 2010 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at S. Louisville Community Center, 2911 Taylor Blvd. This meeting will be the public opportunity to talk directly w/ Fed Highway Admin & Fed Transit Admin about planning process.

LIBERTARIAN PARTY: Will have it's monthly meeting tonight at BBC in St. Matthews
3929 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY

The meeting is always open to the public and they invite everyone to join them for updates on 2010 campaigns and news on upcoming events.

SPEAKING OF HEINER: Apparently Rick Redding posted an article on the ulocal page at wlky.com stating that I speculated Chris Thieneman was holding out for a Deputy Mayor spot as part of any endorsement by Chris of Hal Heiner for Mayor. I don't know if he was planting seeds or just did a poor job of reporting, which seems to be a habit of Rick's lately, but sorry folks that is simply untrue.

Chris has never said anything of the sort nor have I ever promoted any idea that he had. In fact Hal would never sell out like that nor would Chris even demand such a thing. Both have too much integrity for such shenanigans based on my personal experiences with them.

Chris has never requested anything nor made any request a part of any endorsement for Mayor in this race.

Chris has been the leading activist for Southwest issues for years and continues in that role today. He has stated the only way he would officially endorse anyone would be if they were sincere and will fuffill the promises of working on the needs of the Southwest community.

With no strings attached by Thieneman in any way. According to Chris and Hal it has been hard to meet because of conflicting schedules. They will be meeting soon to discuss the needs and concerns of the Southwest community.

Sorry Rick but facts are important.

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