Sunday, August 8, 2010


From all reports it looks like Fancy farm was nothing new or unexpected. Conway did what he always does simply ignoring issues and throwing negatives. Typical Conway and typical duck and dodge. Of course we have come to expect this from him as it was the same behavior in 2009 at Fancy Farm and he has done literally nothing to help himself during this election.

I did however enjoy these pics from Gene Linzy and couldn't help putting my captions below them.

"I solemnly swear to uphold the Obama/Pelosi agenda so help me God."

"Did you the People of Kentucky say something?"

"yeah that's what I thought"

"I ate at Waffle House and all I got was this stolen logo for my shirt.."

You can read the CJ's obvious slant here: Rand Paul and Jack Conway face off at 2010 Fancy Farm picnic The Courier-Journal But as usual it can be summed up thus. Conway is our savior, never mind he has done nothing significant. Paul is the anti Christ who will destroy America. Again nothing new from the spin machine.

Paul stood firm and stayed on message and that is more than can be said about Conway. while Conway is typically doing the negative campaigning the Dems are noted for, Paul is telling what he believes and that in itself is refreshing for a candidate whether you agree with his positions or not.

In the meantime get ready for the typical Democratic negative campaign machine for the General election.

Or should I say more of the same as we have come to expect from them. Stay tuned......

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