Wednesday, August 11, 2010


SHERIFF: We have a new entry on the ballot for Jefferson County Sheriff. Don FitzGerald, Founder/President of Louisville Jurisdictionary Club and Talk Show Host of Pro-Se America is in. From his press release:

Don Fitzgerald entry into Race for Sheriff of Jefferson County KY.

Contact: Charlie Roehrig

Don FitzGerald, Founder/President of Louisville Jurisdictionary and Talk Show Host of Pro-Se America, filed his paperwork today and is announcing his candidacy for Sheriff in Jefferson County KY. FitzGerald and his volunteers have collected signatures from individuals and several organizations that are more than sufficient to place him on the ballot for the November 2010 general election.

FitzGerald believes the rights of the People of Jefferson County should always come first, and has promised that this will remain his top priority. For more please check out the "Jefferson County Bill of Rights” at Fitzgerald's website

FitzGerald has been an outspoken critic and crusader against the fraud committed within our courts concerning debt buyers and foreclosures. Don FitzGerald has seen first-hand the destruction that an unjust system can do to the entire community and this is one of his many motivations to run for office.

For over 10 years Fitzgerald has led the fight for the people of Jefferson County as a consumer advocate, watchdog, and a crusader.

FitzGerald understands the needs of local citizens and has promised to stand up to all citizen abuses, be they Federal, State, County or City.

For more information about Don FitzGerald for Sheriff, and his positions on many of the important issues affecting all citizens of Jefferson County Kentucky, please check out his website at

SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION: Two familiar names popped up in this race forcing it to be on the ballot for November.

STOP I.T.'s own Paul Holliger filed the paperwork to run for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor. As many of you know I work closely with STOP I.T. on issues affecting our community and there is no greater citizen watchdog group going that is more knowledgeable on MSD than these guys. It is a good race for Paul to run in, we can use his knowledge greatly here, and we need someone who will represent us.

The second familiar name is Jim Rovenski. Rovenski is Secretary for the Young Republicans and is making quite a name for himself in the community by being involved and working to make changes. Knowing Jim personally, and professionally, I can say he would make a great addition if elected.

There will be 4 elected from the list of candidates to serve this term and it is my hope that both of these guys are elected.

SCHOOL BOARD: David Toborowsky, State Senator Dan Seum's right hand man, union supporter, and friend of the MyViewMatters Radio Show, is now a candidate for District 3 school board. Dave has been a tireless worker supporting the teacher's and education needs so this will be a great race. Check out his platform and give him a look.

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  1. Hey John Aubry , before you send anymore sheriffs to my door and "VOTER INTIMIDATE ME" and plot to kill me like WILLIAM MILTON COOPER , what ARE YOU GOING TO DO , to protect Karen Syphers CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to EQUAL PROTECTION and DUE PROCESS and THOSE VIOLATIONS THAT occurred and of COURSE MINE TOO! I know you have someone investigate EVERY negative post on the internet. I believe I could of got the now deceased former FOP President Sheriff Glenn Meridith to endorse Don FitzGerald , that I BELIEVE !


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