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I just received a response from Marilyn Parker to the recent Todd Lally article I did Louisville News and Politics: DOES TODD LALLY HAVE ANY REAL SUPPORT?. though Ms. Parker intended it to be a comment to the article itself I will not post it in its entirety which is why I chose this route.

Why? Because the first part of her response I presume was about the article but one paragraph into it she wanted me to post her speech from the JCPS Board meeting the other night and attached it to the comment. This has absolutely nothing to do with this article and I am not giving free publicity to a non candidate on any speech they may have given at this time.

Here is Marilyn's response minus the speech and my comments to them:

Marilyn has left a new comment on your post "DOES TODD LALLY HAVE ANY REAL SUPPORT?":

Ed and Ed. I respect both of you gentlemen. I respect both of your efforts to run for office as I know how time consuming it is. However, the most prudent choice for a libertarian or independent candidacy to be SUCCESSFUL, is to run under the blanket of-- Republican. There is so much at stake in these political runs especially such as a time as this, that it often times gets rough as you well know, exemplified by your necessity to print this article.

Just as I have respect for the two Ed's I also have the utmost respect for two of the finest, conservative gentlemen I know, Todd Lally and Larry Hausman.

Just a couple of things if I may.

First, Ed Martin does not now, nor has he ever had, any ownership interest to the Louisville News and Politics website whatsoever. I began this website long before I met Ed Martin and every article and opinion is mine and mine alone unless otherwise noted.

The extent of Ed Martin and myself has been as co owners of the MyViewMatters Radio Show.

The show is now on hiatus while I work on a new direction for funding. One of the biggest reasons for this is that Martin was Chief financier for the show and since he is a candidate we jointly decided to take this approach. We will not in any way let Martin be accused of any illegal activity, though it is not illegal to do so, by any role he has in funding this show.

We worked for a long time making this show successful, and we compete with just about anyone in town now, as such we will not discredit the MyViewMatters Radio Show in any way. While Ed took the right approach and stepped away, at the same time WKJK refused our ad plan, so we will be on hiatus for a bit longer until I work the funding out.

Secondly, I have seen nothing that would prove the Republican party is any different from the Democratic one. No party will control me or my right to my opinions and voice. I tried the Republican party run during this past primary, after being practically begged to run in the race, and promised great support when I flat out said I did not have the time to run this campaign myself.

None of which came through thus proving to me this party is no different than the other one.

In fact I was a bit encouraged during the last session in Frankfort as the Republican Senate approved SB 53 which would allow independents a voice in the primary. Republican Senator Dan Seum did an excellent job and it got out of committee only to be left alone. I thought it was a great start by the Republicans to become inclusive of all. It was a start to real change by a party on behalf of the people yet today the local Republican Party, and Lally and crew, are trying to deny that right to the outside candidates once again.

By the way they will lose on Monday I am sure of it. then of course they will appeal and and tie it up so Martin can't be on the ballot again. They did it in 2008 and the same old tired game is being played today. This runs contrary to what I hoped was any party finally trying to be inclusive.

Once again proving they have no substance.

When you have the facts on your side and have a real plan with substance to get there you don't resort to these tactics. I certainly expected better than this.

Just my opinion.

I do agree with may of your comments posted in the article. One in particular "Mostly he talks about himself and not the issues." I called Todd on that when he first announced and he has still not even today come up with a plan. He even admitted it to me just a couple of weeks ago at Wildwood.

That is a problem.

Thanks for the kind words I really do appreciate it. But while I also respect your right to do what you do, I simply do not agree with your tactics or most stances.

Thanks again.

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  1. Marilyn said: "However, the most prudent choice for a libertarian or independent candidacy to be SUCCESSFUL, is to run under the blanket of-- Republican."

    However, we're not Republicans, for a number of very good reasons.

    In fact, there's been a lot of whining within the establishment GOP about candidates who some believe are Libertarian (who are actually paleo-conservative) trying to "take over" the Republican Party.

    No, the solution is to open up the electoral process to the free market of ideas. The free market is the way all things, whether ideas or goods, are made better through competition.

    By pulling this nonsense, the Republicans are artificially limiting the free market for their benefit, not the benefit of the voters.

    Which, by the way, is another reason we're not Republicans; because Republicans will do ANYTHING to get elected. We, on the other hand, have principles.


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