Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just a couple of quick late updates for you fine folks.

ED MARTIN: Apparently, Ed Martin's accusers have dropped in half. Todd Lally loyalist David Caldwell dropped out of the charges against Martin today citing lack of time or something to that effect. The real story many believe is that he was told to drop out because of the publicity surrounding his closeness to Todd Lally.

Who says we don't make a difference. I am being told by Lally insiders that Caldwell backed out specifically because they are alarmed at what I will divulge. Yep I have much info to share and will continue doing so regardless.

On the other hand, since Todd got worried and Caldwell was asked to back out accordingly, the GOP Vice Chair is still going ahead. Of course he can afford to he is acting like it is a serious concern for the Repubs. I can't wait until Monday when he is proven wrong. They will never learn I guess.

Stay tuned for more as I get it.

PRESTON BATES: I just received a phone call from a Dem insider telling me that Preston Bates voluntarily resigned his position as LD chair for the party. I am told the reasoning was that Preston did not want to put the party through turmoil during election season. I hope to speak with Preston soon to get his side of the situation as he has been dragged through the mud over what many believe is essentially nothing. Hopefully he returns my call.

I wil update more as it becomes available.

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