Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to the Monday upates. I have to tell you it has been a crazy day and also let you know some stories I am working on. One of them will be a story outing just how the inner workings of the parties use lies, deception, and manipulation to "push" candidates by making it seem they are closer than they are. All with the candidates approval of course. How pathetic is that?

In the meantime here you go.

METRO EMPLOYEE ERIC GARRET: I have been bombarded with calls concerning the Public Works Department and the whistleblower case brought about by Eric Garrett. You can read all about that here Louisville News and Politics: Search results for eric Garrett. In the meantime sources have revealed a couple of additional things. Apparently there are multiple lawsuits against Public Works because of the way it is being run by Betty Younis and Ted Pullen.

Additionally, there is a recent EEOC complaint brought against Betty Younis. The one thing I find interesting though is this report.

Younis has now hired off duty police officers for her personal security detail. AND given them pictures of Eric Garrett telling thme to keep him off the property. Yep at a cost of $25-$45 per hour (normal cost for off duty officers) who is footing this bill? Why does Younis believe she has something to fear. She has been the aggressor and the one creating the fear funny she feels she needs protection now.

Perhaps this is part of the grand scheme by her and the Abramson cronies to act like Garrett is a problem. We shall see.

MSD RATE INCREASES ILLEGAL?: As you know from previous reports MSD has been sued for illegal rate increases. Mainstream may be catching up. Though the story was initially covered by WLKY's Andy Alcock, WHAS 11 chimed in tonight. MSD rate hikes may have been against the law, suit pending Louisville News, Breaking News News ...

After trying to slide in a "Section 4" to the recent bond request, that essentially asked Metro Council to ratify every rate increase ever adopted by the MSD board, MSD President Bud Schardein says "That language is standard in every bond issue. We want the bond market, whether in New York or Australia, to understand these are guaranteed."

Except that is not quite true as usual. This was a blatant attempt by Shardein to cover his and Abramson's butt in a defacto way against the current lawsuit by placing the blame fully on the Council.

This is not the first bond MSD has brought before the Council and there has never been a mysterious "Section 4" added in the past ones clearly a signal that MSD's Shardein and Abramson himself are worried about this. This will get very interesting to say the least.

Oh the tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. The walls are crumbling Mr. Mayor thanks to the greed of you and cronies.

MSD will lose this case IF the law is followed. Stay tuned to see if it is considering who the Judge is...

STOP INSTANT RACING AND SAVE OUR SOUL: This one is funny to me. It seems the Family Foundation of Kentucky is at it again this time suing to stop instant racing at Churchill Downs Family Foundation of Kentucky challenging Instant Racing The Courier-Journal. What makes it so laughable is why in the world would they choose this to fight?

I am totally against instant racing and slots only at Churchill Downs because I believe they would have a monopoly that would hurt charities throughout the community. I am in favor of legalized casino gambling if it can be done fairly and equitably. So I am no hypocrite.

Interestingly enough the FFK thinks this small form of gambling for revenue will destroy one's soul I guess. Hey guys don't go to Churchill and don't play the game. TADA problem solved.

Of course the worId is full of hypocrites I just find it funny when they are the ones teaching us morality. Since I know some of these guys like playing NCAA tournament pools each year I guess that term qualifies. Considering that these pools are, um well, GAMBLING.

What else can be said.

See ya next time!


  1. In response to the Betty Younis debacle: This person has again proven her total disreguard for ethical behavior despite any of the obvious and numerous ethical and civil violations she has perpetrated. The off duty police officer she has appointed for herself (at tax payer expense) spends his day earning his pay by sitting in a comfy chair watching DVD's on his player that he brings in with him to break the tension of waiting for someone who has never shown one inclination of hostile intentions, in fact, quite the opposite. From my interactions, Mr. Garret seems to be an incredibly intelligent and civic minded, caring individual. I am quite sure that this is, of course, a ploy to try to add credibility to her ludicrous claim of the need for this so called Psyche evaluation of an individual who dared to interfere in her and Pullen's megalomaniacal behavior.

  2. I agree with your assessment this is purely strategic maneuvering by Younis to try and ocnvince anyone who will listen that Garret is a threat. I have spoken with at least a dozen people who say nothing can be farther from the truth and agree with your assessment overall of him.

    Thanks for writing.


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