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This is one article I have been avoiding writing because I have some problems with this race. I can't stand Yarmuth as I believe he is hurting Kentucky and all of us in the US. He has done nothing significant in my opinion but tow the party line of Pelosi, Frank, and yes Obama. The future these power players are trying to lead us to simply is one that cannot and will not work.

There are other reasons.

I think Todd Lally is an empty suit that has no substance. He has continually played the "bring Yarmuth home" call but has not done one single thing to let any of us know he would be better. As the other major party candidate many believe he would be the only one who has a shot to take Yarmuth out. The problem is what happens if he wins?

Lally has not been able to give any direct answers to any question, is struggling with his own campaign staff, and truly seems like he is in way over his head. Empty rhetoric and no substance is what we can least afford right now. Lally has given no substance whatsoever to the issues.

Tax cuts? Great we all want them but where will you cut and how will that benefit us. Great talking point but no substance.

Veterans? Fantastic but what will you do to aid the Veterans. Just because someone is in the military, or a veteran like myself, does not automatically qualify them as an expert on veteran affairs. What will you do to fund the vets and meet their needs?

Healthcare, Social security, State rights, and the list goes on. There are so many things that need to be asked and answered that Lally cannot or will not engage in that it makes you wonder, will he be better than Yarmuth? Anyone can state they are against something or for something. What will they do to make it better either way.

He seems to be running a campaign on the GGGA. My term for God, Gays, Guns, and Abortion.

The ultra right wing Christian conservative base he is courting are the ones that keep these divisive issues alive that will do nothing to create jobs, fix healthcare, or any problem we face today. But they do divide us in a way that lowers voter turnout. I am so sick of those running for office hiding behind God's message.

God knows the position we are in and he doesn't vote on economic policy in America. Sorry to bust your bubble but this empty campaigning crap is way beyond old.

Lally privately has expressed great concern about Ed Martin being in the race even asking what it would take to get him out of the race so the vote doesn't split. I told Todd personally that I would have no idea what it would take, or if it was possible, but I knew one thing.

He would gain respect by calling Ed Martin like a man and discuss it. Apparently today he has decided to try and get him out of the race by using David Caldwell, Lally loyalist, to file a suit challenging Martin's candidacy.

So much for manning up. If he can't even discuss his race in an adult way what the hell can he do in Washington where they eat you alive playing hardball politics?

In 2008 The Republican Party challenged Ed Martin's candidacy leading to a lawsuit so this is nothing new, but does show the depth of concern by them if anyone challenges for a seat outside the Party.

By the way Martin won the suit but the win was meaningless as he was off the ballot so what did the win gain? It allowed the Republicans to keep a conservative off the ballot hoping it would save their votes. People and parties that are scared resort to this garbage not ones whose message is a good one. It is one of the most glaring problems the party has. They simply do not get it anymore than the Dems do.

Couple that with Lally throwing out false push polling information from uncredible sources in his efforts to make some believe he is in a "dead heat" with Yarmuth is simply wrong. All credible polls show Lally down by at least 20 points which sends the message that Todd is basically full of it.

If you have to try and lie to get elected then many would suspect that is a behavior that will be continued once elected.

Yep I know who the players are in that scheme as well and will out them when necessary.
Lally of course then actually sponsored a protest on Saturday at the CJ because they were not giving him equal time in the press. That is an asinine thing to do when you are the major party nominee. It was simply a whiny childish attempt to get recognition.

And that is just a small sample of what is wrong with his candidacy.

The final problem I have is I just happen to be friends and business partners with the Libertarian candidate Ed Martin. I tell you this because many will accuse me of being biased because of this friendship. No one who would believe I am biased would ever believe any argument against why I am not.

It is also the single biggest reason I have done my best to stay out of this race so far.

Ed and I met for the first time in February 2009. He had some crazy idea of dong a radio show and had been watching what I do for some time. Since I was familiar with the independent movement, having run as an Independent candidate in 2006 for Louisville Metro Mayor, and an outspoken critic against corruption, he wanted to see if we would be a good fit for a show.

The plan was a simple one. Bring a voice to the voiceless. Make sure there was an outlet for all who wish to serve in public office be given an equal opportunity to be heard. The show to date has been a great success in that endeavor.

Todd Lally was given that opportunity as well and it helped him get heard.

I spoke with Ed Martin at the very beginning of his decision to run for this seat and decided in the interests of fairness to Ed, and the election process, to stay out of this race as much as possible. Sorry Ed that ends now.

I can't stay silent any longer. Ed will be disappointed in me but I have always maintained that I have only one goal with everything I do. That is to make it better for us all and get the people engaged in the process that will help us in that mission.

As I told everyone months ago I am an independent minded guy who only put an (R) behind my name to vote for my candidate of choice in the Louisville Metro Mayor primary race. Until the law is changed to allow independent voters equal access it was necessary to insure my vote counted.

In the interim I decided I would give the Republican Party a chance to earn my support and loyalty. The Democratic Party could care less about we the people and in my experience over the last few months neither does the Republican party.

The parties expect everyone to be "loyalists" meaning they expect you to go along with whatever they do simply because you are a party member. Ever wonder why so few show up at party meetings both Democrat and Republican? It is because most of us are not sheep who blindly follow a party simply because.

Most of us rise up against what we believe is wrong regardless of Party. The Republicans who are so intent on making us believe they are so different that they can effect change are proving, at least on a local level, to be the same old problem we have always known. And this makes them no better than the Democratic party as a whole.

We vote for the person we think is best, though many refuse to look outside the 2 party system when casting that vote, because we truly do want better.

Thanks to this asinine game being played once again in this election and in this District we have found out once again that we can expect much the same......<>

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