Sunday, August 1, 2010


It has been a busy couple of weeks but finally is over! Congratulations to my son Sean and my new daughter in law Ashley! No one could be prouder than my wife Connie and I. The wedding went off without a hitch and I must say I was very surprised at how many were there. The church was full as was the reception hall. Not bad for a Friday evening.

But now on with the bad news. MyViewMatters Radio Show will be taking a hiatus for awhile in two weeks unless funding comes through. We apologize, but contrary to some of the lies that have been told on other sites about us being funded by others, this show has always been self funded and the well is dry.

When we relied on political ads for revenue for almost a year, and then was denied by Clear Channel the right to use them, we simply lost the funding ability to continue. You can call Clear Channel at 502-479-2222 and complain to them if you like but there is little we can do unless we get serious donations or ad dollar commitments.

In the meantime, since this may be our final show for awhile, we decided to have current Metro Councilman and Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner on air this week. In this local election the biggest race going on is the Louisville Mayoral election.

With this in mind we felt it only fitting we bring on the front runner of this important race.

If things work out we will let you know on air Thursday.

In the meantime there was a glitch at WKJK during Thursday's show when a transmitter went out leaving dead air for the first half hour. I will be loading the show in its entirety on this site as soon as I get a copy of it from Ed Martin hopefully on Monday.

This site will continue as always regardless of what we do with the radio show. If you can help or would like to help us with funding for the radio please make a donation at the paypal link above, call us at (502)742-8519, write us at, or snail mail to:

MVM Media Group
PO Box 58128
Louisville, KY 40268

Now that the wedding is over I can get back to te in depth stuff you guys like so much :-)

Thanks for all you do!

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