Thursday, July 29, 2010


My apologies to you the reader for light posting this week. As many of you know my son is getting married tomorrow (Friday) and to say the least it has been an amazingly busy week preparing for the event. In the meantime here are some things for you to look over and get ready for next week!

GREG FISCHER: If there is any doubt Fischer is the typical tax lover we have become used to check this YouTube video out. Fischer favors the library tax, an Arts tax, and doesn't know squat about marijuana. YouTube - Greg Fischer on Taxes

WORST KEPT SECRET GOES TO..: This is no surprise but worthy of checking out. Local businessman Phil Moffett of Charter Schools fame announced his intent to run for Governor today with running mate Rep. Mike Harmon of Junction City. Businessman, lawmaker announce GOP slate for governor The Courier-Journal

MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW: Your wishes have come true folks. Tonight I will not be in studio and miss the first show since our inception. Dang wedding rehearsals. Partner Ed Martin will be hosting the show with in studio guest co host Dave Toborowski. Slated to be on air is David Adams who is heading up the Phil Moffett campaign for Governor.

FINALLY: As many of you know the MyViewMatters Radio Show has been self funded since its inception in May 2009. My partner Ed Martin and myself created the show to bring a local talk format back to the local area. We cover everything from local to State and National politics.

We have proven ourselves to be non partisan, though we admit freely we have a conservative slant, and have opened our show to anyone and everyone from all political walks of life and/or political party.

We have had Democrats, Republicans,Libertarians, independents you name it they have appeared on the show. We have had new candidates and elected leaders.

For over a year we have paid for the show out of pocket, which hasn't been easy to do for a couple of working stiffs, but we decided in the beginning to try and do a show with minimal ads so we could focus on issues relevant to all of us in the community today. We have accomplished that and more. Unfortunately Corporate Clear Channel cut off our funding plan at the knees.

We have doubled our listening audience each and every quarter for over a year, who else can say that, and now compete with just about everybody. Our numbers total 10's of thousands each and every week. Our podcast with partners KY Grassroots radio claims 45,000 a week alone.

So what led to this problem?

Clear Channel, owners of WKJK the station we buy our air time from, denied us the right to air political commercials that would have funded the show for a year which hurt our bottom line. In short we did not actively pursue outside ads because we relied on the political ads.

Clear Channel told us unequivocally we could sell any ads we wanted only to then tell us in April, after we sold thousands in political ads, that we could not do political ads.

Obviously this created a problem because the funding we relied upon, and had in hand, could not be used thus creating a financial nightmare.

We are working guys like the majority of us, not rich ones, and we spent our money for over a year. We sacrificed money for the family and ourselves to make this happen gladly, and willingly, hoping it would help engage the local community again. We have been very successful at that according to all the numbers and we are very proud to lead the way.

After sacrificing our money, and having skin in the game, to then be denied the opportunity to replenish so we could continue was a blow we did not expect nor could we have anticipated.Since we had relied on political ads for funding that we were led to believe would be ok, we now must have immediate sales, or at the very least donations, to keep running until we can get a sales staff in action.

We need your help now until the sales staff is in place.

With the campaign season upon us and the work we do bringing issues and politicians to light for us all we need funding. If you could commit an ongoing donation of $10 a month from each member of this group funding would be in place to continue. If each of you made a one time donation of $10 that would keep the show on air for a month allowing us the time necessary to get a sales team in place.

We are doing our best and we know times are tough. We fight those times beside each of you everyday as well, but as we have said from the beginning all of us must stand together and make our voices heard. I hope you can help us meet this challenge.

If you can make a donation please do so today at the paypal link above or snail mail at

PO BOX 58128

If that is inconvenient please let me know. Call me at (502)417-5383 and I will gladly pick up your donation. In the meantime if you have any sales experience, are a business owner, or know one that advertises, let me know. We have great rates. Call me at the number above or write to us at

Thanks for all your help and dedication throughout this time. We hope to continue bringing you the news that is important.


  1. Great work you are going to do, i will be happy to participate in this.

  2. Not sure which part of tis article you are referring to Ads but feel free to contact meand thanks for writing.


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