Friday, August 13, 2010


I spend most of my time on local and state issues but occasionally I really do make time to check out National stories. Most of which don't get noticed here in Louisville by mainstream. With that in mind I have a couple to share with you here.

BP OIL SPILL: Obama and his regime have been busy trying to put forth the myth that there is no more oil and the beaches are safe. Of course it is one more lie to add to the ever growing list.

Demand that Obama to go to Pensacola and swim in the water then lay about on the beach.

Chances are the answer would be no. Guaranteed he won't put his own kids in it yet he does not mind lying to us so we do. Facebook has a group called Truth Reporting on the Gulf Oil spill. This guy has video taped almost every day beaches in Florida with oil. Check out one of them: YouTube - Tropical Storm Surf Reveals Oil And Tar On Pensacola Beach August 13 2010

MUSLIMS WANT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM BY IGNORING OUR LAWS: I can't make this stuff up. Check out this video on Minnesota and ask yourself one question. Why do we allow this?

Seriously if a Christian group tried to discriminate in this way they would be out of business. Is Minnesota now going to go back to segregated buses and restaurants etc? To allow anyone to use religious freedom as a basis of discrimination in America for business that is open to the public is dead wrong. Hell we force smoking bans on private business so how in the hell is this possible in America? YouTube - NTEB: Minnesota Under Attack From Sharia Law

ECONOMIC STIMULUS YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: You have to love how our President and Democratic Congress are so passionate about creating jobs and helping us recover from the worst recession in history. I mean joke telling robots and turtle tunnel walkways are important for the creation of jobs right? One more example of wasted tax dollars that most don't see.


$3.4 million for a turtle tunnel. I guess it beats waiting at that turtle cross walk for one to pass.

$700,000 for a joke telling robot. Did you hear the one about Obama?

$1 million to provide smokers with blackberries as an incentive to quit smoking. Now I am craving a Marlboro thanks Congress.

$2.6 million to train Chinese prostitutes in china to drink responsibly. Yep I am sure millions of Americans go there for sex. This is crucial to our recovery as so many of us in this economy can afford to fly to China overnight to get laid. Besides what would be the incentive?

Apparently we can get screwed here by the prostitute politicians stone sober.

YouTube - REAL or FAKE: Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real or fake? Check it out and get involved. It just keeps getting more ridiculous.

See you next time.....


  1. Why does Obama have a regime and Bush had an Administration.

  2. On the turtle fail to mention this is a Republican Governor that requested these funds, along with 3.4 billion in other stimulus monies.

  3. Whoo hoo Metro is back! lol. Seriously though I was not any more fond of Bush than I am Obama. Or problems are bi partisan not party sepcific.

    In tihs case however the money was approved by the Democratic controlled Congress so they bear the brunt. We can no longer blame Bush. As far as who requested the funds for me that is irrelevant.

    I can request anything I want but it does not mean it would be approved. Since the Dems control the Congress and teh spending at this point they have the responsibility IMO.

    Thanks for writing Metro where ya been?


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