Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So much for loyalty from the party machines eh? There is a special meeting called for tomorrow night at the American Legion Hall on Bardstown Road by the Democratic Party. The subject? They want to expel LD Chair and Democratic operative Preston Bates for the brew ha ha that began last week.

You can read my initial story here
Louisville News and Politics: THURSDAY EVENTS but it seems Preston is being hung out to dry over something trivial as usual by the party machine.

In a letter written by Bates last week he was intending to show a plan that would neutralize Todd Lally and assure Yarmuth a victory in November. At least that is how I interpret it. The following is one excerpt from it:

“The macro political landscape is changing in America, and I want to join the conversation”, local Democratic political consultant and Democratic 48th Legislative District Chair Preston Bates said. “While I’m proud to fulfill my duty to endorse John Yarmuth for Congress as a party official, I am encouraged by the growing support of Libertarian candidate, Ed Martin.”

Notice where he clearly states how proud he is to endorse John Yarmuth? He went on further to explain just why he he was encouraged by Martin's candidacy with this statement:

Traditional Republicans have favored a smaller federal government. “Libertarians will split votes from Traditional Republicans”, said Bates. “And that helps Yarmuth, especially when he’s polling twenty-three points ahead of Lally. In fact, Democrats should bankroll, volunteer for, and help Ed Martin as tactical ends”, Bates said.

Looks like the usual business with party officials to me. Have a plan and implement it. This certainly is one plan that has been used more than once by the Dems and the Repubs equally. This was Bates way of showing how Yarmuth could win easily by splitting the conservative vote. Ecerey election has "ringers" put up to do just that. Insure victory of their favorite candidate.

I don't agree with the tactics as I have stated but this is the normal game for party leaders.

I don't know exactly why Bates is in such trouble other than the fact that this got publicized. Believe me when I say if every document got publicized by either party no one would be left to run them. I don't necessarily like Bates politics. I am familiar with his role helping Jim King in elections, and I always question anyone who would align themselves with someone unethical and criminal like King. Regardless of party.

I can't speak as to why he wrote this other than what I have stated above. I can say this though.

If this is how the Democratic party machine works with their leaders, especially ones like Bates that have worked so hard for the party, why in the world would anyone want to be a party leader or in a party to begin with? By the way Republicans eat their young too trust me.

This should have been handled in house with a phone call and a warning perhaps. Tim

Longmeyer could have used his fingers and dialed the phone and made one call. To Bates. Tis would have ended the situation and laid it to rest. Instead he made multiple calls and demanded a special meeting? The Dems need publicity like this? I would have never guessed Preston Bates was on par with the FBI most wanted list or Obama being impeached or something.

No wonder I am not a sheep.

I love politics sometimes........

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