Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday I gave you a couple of reports on the plight of 3rd Congressional District Libertarian candidate Ed Martin because of bogus charges filed by his competition Todd Lally and the local GOP. Of course Lally will deny any knowledge but we know better based on previous first hand conversations I have had with him.

Today I received the documents and here they are:

They are even trying to nail Trey Grayson in this.
9. The Secretary of State and County Clerk are charged with certifying that the submissions are “regular on its face”. When an error becomes apparently, those officials are required to notify the candidate and prohibited from allowing the candidate on the ballot.

10. The Respondent officials have failed and refused to observe the defects in the filing and the wrongfully refused to acknowledge that the filing do not satisfy the requirements for ballot access as mandated by the statute cited.

11. As a result of the breach of said duty, Respondent Secretary of State and County Clerk have or will have wrongfully caused the name of Respondent Martin to be placed on the official ballot of the 2010 Kentucky General Election for the 3rd
District of the U.S. House of Representatives.
They go further by accusing Martin of receiving more than 115 names that were signatures of people that are not in his District, non registered to vote, and even accusing him of falsifying signatures.

13. Respondent Martin’s filing is defective in that more than 115 of the names are not proper for several reasons including that many were not registered voters in the 3rd Congressional District, numerous persons listed were not registered to vote at the addresses claimed; several of the persons listed were not the actual signature of the individual voters as claimed.

This clearly is an attempt to get rid of Martin because Lally is scared as well he should be.

Ed Martin is a man of honor period. He would not falsify signatures just to get on the ballot in a race he is under funded for and the odds are stacked against him ever winning. The fact that the local GOP is involved is not big surprise either.

This is hardball and the local GOP has been hijacked by the McConnell bunch and this is business as usual for them.

The funny thing is Lally really is as clueless as many think. Take the ridiculous River City Polling pols out of the equation, as I know who really is behind that group and trust me nothing scientific is done with their "polls," Lally is down by over 20 points by any credible poll out there.

So why run scared against a guy who cannot compete financially and is a party outsider as well?

Simple. To force them to waste what little resources they have fighting for their integrity. It is also a way to change the focus from your own shortcomings. Trust me Lally has many and the GOP knows this as well.
Why do you think they have been so reluctant to jump on board to help him until they had no choice in the public eye?

Using this tactic is one way to force your opponent to waste what little time and resources they have defending themselves even though they are innocent. When you are under funded in a political race and have to waste time and money defending yourself against false charges then you have less time and resources to get a real message on the issues out.

As an outsider to the party machine with very little help and resources available to you anyway this is a huge and costly distraction. The GOP knows that and so does Lally.

That is negative campaigning at its finest and both parties are perfectionist at it. It is the one thing they do well. I just wish they would put forth the same effort in representing us as they do to protect themselves at our expense.

Think about the "platforms." For example, one tried and true Republican statement for any candidate, "I am against raising taxes and will lower them."

How do you avoid telling people exactly how you will accomplish lower taxes and how you will pay for services accordingly?

Simple. Instead of answering those questions, because you really don't know, you attack your competition by stating stupid things like, "well did you hear Ed Martin is a ........"

It is pathetic and childish and quite frankly undeserving of our vote for anyone who has to resort to this. But in the interest of fairness since this race is not about issues any longer but attacks as usual I will join the fray.

So Todd Lally and the GOP crew get ready. You actually held a whiny rally Saturday at the CJ because you don't feel you get equal press? Fair enough now you will at least by me.

You want press coverage? It is time now to hold you to the same standard you are trying to force on we the voter. You want negative politics instead of substance?

No problem. I will oblige but know this.

Your 15 minutes are over.........


  1. I am severely disappointed that, in this Tea Party environment, Lally feels he has to resort to such small-minded nonsense. Conservatives are sick and tired of the dishonorable members of the GOP. McConnell and company will be hitting the unemployment line themselves soon but not soon enough.

  2. I believe Lally just cost himself an election.

  3. Honestly lally lost this race before he ever entered it. He has n plans, no issues, and no substance. Tose are the facts. Without this he had no shot.

    More importantly, as a military man and as such a supposed "man of honor" Todd proved otherwise. Playing this dishonorable way while running as a man of "honor, integrity, and ethics" during this election cost him much more than a chance at Washington.

    It cost him his dignity and self respect. No election can replace that which you look at every day in the mirror.

    Thanks for writing..


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