Saturday, September 11, 2010


You know I get press releases everyday as do most who do what I do but I will not give legitimacy to each and every one of them for candidates who send out garbage like the one Democratic candidate Marty Meyers sent today.

Democrat, and John Yarmuth employee, Meyers is challenging State Senator Dan Seum in November for the 38th District State Senate seat and is sending out a press release touting how Senator Seum is taking all this money from taxpayers wrongfully blah, blah, blah.

Meyer is using the gimmick of he won't take any more money from the taxpayer than necessary and using the recent special session as one example of this. Lies and misdirection are gimmicks we have come to expect from Democrats in this election season, and really is no surprise, especially coming from one who works for John Yarmuth and follows the typical democratic spending philosophy today.

Take the special session Meyers is trying to use as an example.

Marty here is a freebie. The special session you tout as being an example of wrongdoing cost us roughly $300,000 (5 days X $60,000 per day) but thanks to the efforts of Senator Seum and the Republican led Senate it saved us over $2.4 Billion.

The Democratic party you represent wanted to add $2 billion in new debt that we cannot afford AND raise taxes by $400 million. Thanks to the efforts of Senate Republican leadership, led by Senator Dan Seum, that did not happen at a time we can least afford it.

So what would you do candidate Meyers? Vote for a $2.4 billion increase that we cannot afford or stand your ground in the best interests of the people you represent. Apparently you agree with the increase and that is a problem for most of us.

We have already proven over and over we cannot borrow, tax, and spend our way into prosperity.

Hell look at your boss John Yarmuth and the Obama machine led by Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank. After borrowing and spending billions upon billions of dollars have we gotten any better as a Nation? The answer obviously is no. We have borrowed and spent to the point of oblivion and nothing has gotten better for the majority of us, so why apply that illogical way of thinking to Kentucky?

Because it makes great sound bites but the reality is so much different. And that is just one example of why Meyers is not ready for Frankfort.

Meyer states he will "limit reimbursements for meals and travel expenses to save taxpayer dollars."

Never does he state that he won't take reimbursements nor does he mention the fact that the "extra" money that Senator Seum receives is for the time, travel, and meal expenses that is required of him while traveling the state in his official capacity of Senate majority leader.

So Marty are you now saying you will work for free? You will volunteer your time, travel, and meals all for the betterment of Kentucky? Of course not so why pretend like Seum is doing something wrong.

Of course Meyer will make less money if elected because he will not have any leadership positions that require him to work throughout the State nor will he have any seniority that would give him any kind of power to help anyone in the South End at all.

As a new Senator he will show up during session and vote the way he is told to by leadership on anything put in front of him. He will have no power or control to force legislation necessary for our betterment.

Nor will he be able to stop the idiocy like the $2.4 billion boondoggle the Democratic party just tried to lay on us. Since it was the Dems who tried to force the boondoggle and Meyer is a Dem loyalist, chances are he would approve of it and we would be on the hook once again.

In short Meyer will be a pawn in the game of chess in Frankfort and we will certainly lose out if he gets there.

Most people can do the math and probably believe that was one helluva savings and worthy of the session.

By the way the session was necessary because the Democratic hack Governor Steve Beshear would not sign a budget by the end of the legislative session. Additionally, the budget Beshear signed after the special session was essentially the same one that was agreed to by Senate Republicans like Dan Seum during the regular session.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear was what cost the taxpayers the additional monies not Senator Dan Seum. He could have signed the same thing during the regular session that he signed during the special one.

You have to love misdirection by party loyalists and newbie candidates like Marty Meyer.

Anyone remember the children's shows from the 80's? There was always a commercial segment called "the more you know."

It seems candidate Meyers has a whole lot more to learn before he can represent us. If he doesn't know the facts now then he truly is not capable of representing us. If he is lying abut them now for his own gain to get elected then he is more of the same as we have come to expect.

We deserve better than this misdirection by Meyer and his advisor boss Yarmuth.

Just sayin'

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  1. Oh Ed ...
    Please quit picking on Marty Meyer.
    He is simply a young skull full of mush that has bought into the Yarmuth - Obama mindset.

    Speaking of Yarmuth,
    Everyone has heard the rumor that Yarmuth allegedly "donates" his Congressional "salary" to charity.

    Think about it this way for a moment:

    IF this is True,
    Then Yarmuth has the self-centered ego justification to ignore the wishes of the people of Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District because "he's not making any money" on this gig and, therefore, since he now sees himself as "donating" his time to the job,
    he's ENTITLED to do things WHATEVER WAY HE wants!
    Screw the wishes of the folks of Jefferson County!

    (BTW - has anyone actually seen PROOF that Yarmuth donates his entire Congressional salary to charity?)


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