Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today at 2 pm Hal Heiner received what is arguably one of the best endorsements he has gotten to date. Former Democratic Mayoral candidate, and 8664 co-founder, Tyler Allen has endorsed Hal in his run for Metro Mayor.

This endorsement is huge to many as Tyler has led the way against the bridges boondoggle on the Democratic side as Hal has on the Republican side. Allen's Democratic base supporters will jump to Hal Heiner who is on record as being against tolls and build the East End Bridge first.

Here is the release:

LOUISVILLE, KY – Citing Hal’s ability to lead Louisville from day one and provide a fresh start for Metro Government, former Democratic mayoral candidate Tyler Allen today endorsed Hal Heiner for Mayor.

"This election is about the serious business of building Louisville's future and I believe Hal Heiner is the only candidate with the passion and experience to lead this city from day one,” stated Mr. Allen. “While we may not agree on everything, I firmly believe Hal is a leader we can trust to move this city forward and fulfill the promises of merger. His openness to innovative ideas and willingness to bring new people into the process will make Louisville an even better place to live in the years to come."

Hal enthusiastically welcomed Tyler into the campaign:

“Tyler represents the next generation of leadership in Louisville and I’m honored to have his endorsement. His energy and commitment to Louisville was unmatched in the Democratic primary and I look forward to working closely with him as we move forward in the final weeks of this campaign.”

Mr. Allen is the second Democratic mayoral candidate to endorse the Heiner for Mayor Campaign, joining former Democratic mayoral candidate Shannon White.

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