Tuesday, September 7, 2010


When does the idiot Mayor Abramson finally quit wasting our tax money defending himself from his own stupidity? Apparently this January. Yep Abramson has once again decided he knows best and will appeal the appealed ruling on the police take home cars. Louisville files notice to appeal ruling on police take-home cars courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal

As you know this Mayor has continually fought, and lost, every suit he has pursued. He cost us millions with the firefighters and will now lose once again to the police.

What is the issue?

Abramson decided that since he could not balance the budget here at home he had to go after every dollar he could get. He decided to charge officers a $100 monthly fee for take home cars. While many may agree that this is a small sum to pay for that privilege the fact is he did it illegally.

The contract between the police and the City that Jerry agreed to states that "all matters related to wages,hours, and working conditions are subject to collective bargaining."

Even FOP President Dave Mulcher stated that the issue with the amount of the fee wasn’t the problem, but rather the decision to issue the fees without consulting union members. “We never specifically said that that was unreasonable,” he said.

They were never given a choice or fair negotiation.

The fact is take home cars were granted years ago in lieu of pay raises and has never been a negotiated benefit since. If Abramson wants to charge for these cars, that are considered a benefit thus "wages," then he must contact the union and negotiate it period.

Abramson cannot arbitrarily decide to add charges against something, especially something that he signed off and agreed to. Hell Abramson was an alderman that approved this policy back before merger. What does that say?

It says Abramson once again is a worm that cannot be depended on to follow through and will waste our money fighting a losing battle over his own incompetence. And this guy supposedly is a lawyer? No wonder he needs to be elected with his record he could never survive in the private sector.

This case was fought AND WON by the police officers. It was won a second time on appeal. And now Abramson wants to waste even more resources fighting a losing battle once again. But why not it isn't his money right? Sadly, it is ours.

And that has always been the problem with Abramson. He gave away $950,000 to Cordish and at stake currently with the officers is $890,000 already collected before they won their case. DO the math. He is trying to cover his losses once again.

Stay strong FOP and our police officers. Many of us in the community are behind you.

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