Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What is up with District 6 anyway? Democrats chose David James, whose qualifications based on residency are suspect at this point, thanks to a power play by Jim King I am told. The Republicans have an outside candidate no one knows in Candace Jaworski, and then there is incumbent Independent Deonte Hollowell. So the field is set right?

Not quite. Democrat Ken Herndon who I have reported as being basically screwed by the Democratic party put his name in the hat as a write in which surprised no one but now has some Council member support.

According to LEO, Council members endorse Herndon for 6th District - FatLip, four council members including Democratic Council President Tom Owen have apparently endorsed Herndon for the race.

Good move? Bad move? You be the judge but it does make one wonder what the hell is going on in District 6. Is this the best they have to offer?

Personally, I am rooting for Independent Deonte Hollowell. He was thrown into the fire as a sacrificial lamb by the parties and has actually stood up and appears to be doing an excellent job. With that in mind why elect someone that divides the party, like James and Herndon who will do nothing but tow the line if either is elected, or the Republican candidate who has no chance anyway.

James brings nothing to the table other than being a Jim King fan and we all know the story on King. Not to mention the power play for political payback, ex officer James supported criminal King in the Mayoral election, that King used to get him the appointment anyway. This makes me very suspect of James to begin with and it should concern anyone in the District that he is the candidate.

Herndon has split the party period. Continually being shut out to the point that even the Council is divided on him how effective will he be. Will he tow the line of the party if elected, in my opinion yes, or will he go renegade to pay them back for slighting him. That personal bias will have a direct effect on his ability to accomplish anything meaningful for District 6 or the City of Louisville.

And that is the problem. Neither Democratic candidate brings anything to the table and both appear to have their own agendas. Besides now we have 2 Democrats running in a General election for the same seat? Weird huh. Maybe that is the game. Try to insure a Dem wins at all costs. Who knows.

Personally, I want a Council rep to have one agenda and that is the betterment of Louisville. In this case neither James nor Herndon appear to have that as their priority. Both have a personal agenda. In short? If either James or Herndon win Louisville loses.

At this point for Louisville's sake all I can say is.

Go Deonte Hollowell.

Your thoughts?

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