Monday, September 13, 2010


He really doesn't. Either that or he doesn't understand basic economics. Take today's debate for example. Fischer actually tried to accuse Heiner of not knowing the facts in regards to Fischer's love of new taxes.

Each candidate was allowed to ask one question of their opponent and Hal chose to point out Fischer's flip flop love of taxes. Heiner pointed out that Fischer had agreed to a local sales tax for the arts in February and that Fischer supported the library tax that was soundly defeated.

Fischer's response?

“You’ve got to get your facts straight, buddy.”

I laughed so hard at this dumb Fischer response I choked on the water I was drinking.

Really Greg? In February you said you supported the local arts tax option and had no problem using it as a funding mechanism for the arts. You even reiterated it in the CJ online interview much later. You also unequivocally stated you supported and actively helped pursue the library tax that the majority of Louisville overwhelmingly and soundly defeated.

Psst Greg? When you answer a question that includes the word tax as saying yes you support it then the only one who don't have their facts straight is you.

Ever heard the old saying "open mouth, insert foot?"

Every time you open your mouth most run for some sort of foot anti fungal spray. Why? Well foot fungus is a serious problem and we just don't want to inhale it when you exhale it and get it throughout our bodies. Know what I mean?

Obviously, you can't comprehend the basics of taxation. When you say you agree with raising taxes that means you agree with taking even more money out of our pockets to put wherever you deem necessary. Quite frankly we have had enough of this mindset with your favorite mentor Jerry Abramson.

Even worse Fischer is starting to show his true colors by using lying negative spin. We saw it in full force in his last race against Lunsford and we are starting to see he will follow the same path again. That is what you do when you have no substance and make no mistake Fischer has nothing to offer. I was wondering how long it would take him to get back to his true self.

From the CJ about closing statements
Mayoral forum requires some quick thinking and short answers for Louisville candidates The Courier-Jo...:

In his closing statements, Fischer went after Heiner again, saying the GOP nominee represents an old way of doing business, is a political “insider” and is “the voice of `No’ time and again” on the Louisville Metro Council. Fischer then said Heiner voted no on a pollution reduction program, the city’s smoking ban and the fairness ordinance.

I find it very laughable that Fischer could accuse anyone of being a political insider. He is part of that insider machine and always has been. River Fields, ORBP, he is proving more and more just what I have said all along. He is Abramson Part two and that is an insider game.

Hal Heiner voice of no?

Thank goodness. The STAR program Fischer is touting is the same one that Abramson tried to cram down our throats which almost ran one of our biggest employers in Ford out of Louisville in 2006. It also does not have nearly the National recognition Fischer claims it does. This sounds like Abramson almost word for word and proves once again that he is an insider hack.

I should know. STAR was one of the major issues during the 2006 Mayoral election I was in. I fought Abramson toe to toe and stood up for our business community and Ford in helping to sidetrack it.

Smoking ban? Good job Hal.

For the record I am opposed to the smoking ban and will continue to be. Hal and I will never agree on the ban but Hal did the right thing OBVIOUSLY by voting against it when both were deemed unconstitutional because of exemptions. How can you in good conscience vote for something that is fundamentally flawed from the outset? Hal is to be chastised for getting it right?

Try again Greg.

Fairness ordinance? Hal has a duty to his 19th District constituents to vote on this issue the way they tell him to. He was elected to be THEIR representative. They said no, so did Hal. While again Hal and I would disagree on this issue he did what he was elected to do by his constituents.

So Greg, with this flimsy argument of yours have you now confirmed what we already know? You will do whatever you want regardless of what we elect you to do?

Interesting isn't it?

Bottom line. Fischer needs to get out of the game or at least get better at lying like Abramson.

Abramson makes lying an art form, (hmm maybe that's why they want an "arts tax" now so they can funnel some money to Abramson who never does anything if he doesn't get paid), but Greg Fischer is no artist.

In fact I am sure Fischer couldn't qualify as an art assistant at this point.

Your thoughts?


  1. How pathetic is this, Fischer posting a bogus story on his facebook site. Heiner decides to keep his commitment and this is the best Fischer and the liberals come up with

  2. Typical spin from the Dem machine. Lies have always worked for them in the past ( see Abramson's record) so why change something that has worked.

    Hopefully the voters are finally sick of this and will send the machine, including Fischer, packing November 2.

    Thanks for writing.


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