Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I just listened to the last part of the CJ live interview with Katie King and James Green who are running in the race for District Court Judge Division 16. There were many laughable moments in this "interview" but one stood out above all others.

When both were specifically asked if they had ever had substance abuse problems with legal or illegal drugs Green answered truthfully that he was an alcoholic and has been sober since August 2008.

Katie's response? She said no with a smirk.

Seriously Katie? There are many reports that you are using drugs now including cocaine. Would you agree to a drug test without prior notice to disprove these rumors? You know like we in the private sector have to for our employers.

Forget the public media where you were found with marijuana all over YOUR house that you had a boyfriend take the fall for. Ignore the fact that you had a 911 call placed against you by an ex boyfriend for domestic violence when you tried to break his door in at his home.


Even on the bench you say you treat everyone fairly etc yet conveniently dismissed a DUI case for lack of probable cause even though the defendant violated traffic laws, admitted to smoking marijuana just before driving, and the lab report tested positive.

Just recently in March you got caught in a compromising position Louisville News and Politics: KATIE KING NAILED AGAIN: WILL SHE EVER LEARN FOR ONCE YOU BE THE JUDGE

I can't make any of this up folks. Katie went on in her closing arguments touting how respected she is and what a great job she has done on the bench. That doesn't add up either considering the latest Judicial results show her at the bottom of the heap.

When asked by the CJ board if she thought the name King helped her she actually stated it probably did but not because of her Dad Jim.

No she felt it was because King was such a well known name and likened it to people thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr when they saw it.

I could go on and on but really this train wreck still does not get it.

Like him or not James Green was at least honest and forthright when being grilled by the CJ board and believe me they grilled him. They continually hashed out his personal life even wanting specifics on his divorces, on his child support, and spent so much time trashing him personally one would have thought that Katie was the alter girl she wants us to believe she is.

It was a pathetic display by the CJ in my opinion to spend so much time trying to chastise Green while letting Katie off the hook because of political connections.

Was Katie even asked about the fact that she is still under investigation by the Kentucky State Police, as is her dad Metro Councilman Jim King, for felonious criminal activity in the last election?


Bottom line is this. We deserve someone who is at least truthful and Katie still has not learned to be. I am not sure about Green but I do like the fact that he at least tried to answer honestly and accepted responsibility for his shortcomings.

I can respect that.


  1. I have found James Green to be a truthful and honest man. I will be voting for him in Nov.

  2. I have to admit the more I learn about him the more I like him in this race as well.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. I know James Green personally and cannot think of many people more qualified, honest and dedicated.

  4. I also know James Green personally. He is a fine man. Definitely the better person for the job!!!

  5. WOW, somebody is a narcassistic sociopath! I think Katie King believes her own lies or that's a serious poker face! I have personally been in the presence of Katie when she was abusing drugs so Katie, put that in your pipe and smoke it (pun intended). Delusion is not a pretty color on anyone. Let's take her off the bench and hope she seeks professional help. VOTE JAMES GREEN 2010!


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