Wednesday, September 1, 2010


No big surprise today on the Greg Fischer front. He is out touting all the union endorsements he received. The big surprise is that he received them in the first place, well not really I guess. Greg Fischer is a union busting candidate and any union that endorses him just proved what many think in the first place.

Unions will only endorse Democrats. While in many ways some of the unions today are breaking that mold, (look at the Teamsters and their endorsements of Republican candidate Brain Simpson for example), the fact is that overall that mindset is intact even though the majority of union members vote conservative Republicans.

While the endorsements are made by just a handful of old dog executive committee members the rank and file rarely follow these endorsements blindly and why should they.

Republican Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner's campaign manager, Joe Burgan, released this statement today and I believe he states it well:

“It’s no surprise that a group of union heads would endorse Greg considering he’s spent the summer telling unions one thing and business leaders another. Just two months ago Greg told a crowd at Bellarmine College he wouldn’t rule out the privatization of Metro jobs and then today held a press conference railing against privatization. In 2008 he stated in an AFL-CIO questionnaire that he supported card check, but last week told a group of attorneys at Middleton & Reutlinger that he didn’t support card check. Finally, in an August interview with the Voice Tribune Greg was asked if he would have supported the Project Labor Agreement for the arena. His answer: “The mayor has to consider all sides – and then make the best decision for the city.” While Greg Fischer is busy trying to figure out what position he’ll take today, Hal Heiner will be talking straight and honest to the people of Louisville.”

Greg Fischer is no friend f labor and is playing the Jerry Abramson game of talking out of both sides of his mouth. Remember Abramson is no friend of labor either though he continually received the endorsements as well. Look at how Abramson has responded to labor issues. Lawsuits having to be filed against the City by police, and firefighters, just to get what they were already contractually promised in the first place?

How many millions has this cost this City and we the taxpayers?

Fischer has flip flopped so much he doesn't even begin to know what labor is all about or anything about the labor movement itself. Not that his silver spoon mouth ever did anything remotely considered blue collar labor in his life to begin with.

No Greg Fischer is more of the same and apparently so is the old school die hard executive endorsement committees of the unions.

Fischer is Abramson lite with a twist. At least Jerry knew how to lie to our face and it worked for quite awhile. Fischer can't help but get caught in his. Do we really want more of this train wreck Democratic machine these days in Louisville?

It is alarming to me that union leadership is so out of touch these days. With all the labor backlash, and a major anti union movement being done throughout the Commonwealth, one would think that the union leadership would finally get back to doing their job the right way.

Protecting the interests of labor.

Unfortunately with these kind of endorsements they are essentially saying they do not get it or do not care what is best for the membership.

This is why labor is suffering today.....

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