Wednesday, September 1, 2010


After being rumored for months this has to qualify as the worst kept secret of the Gubernatorial campaign. David Williams and Richie Farmer announced as expected this morning their ticket to run in the Republican primary for Governor/ Lt Governor.

Weeks ago I spoke with David Williams and reported I felt it was a done deal so now it has been confirmed but what does this mean?

Beshear is in trouble is what it means.

The one thing I like is that Williams has stated he would not hold any fundraisers until after the November elections for one thing. Small issue? Perhaps but by doing so he made sure everyone knew that his focus was on helping those who are running in this years election .

It showed a unity of spirit within the Republican party that he would not go after funds that others could use during this election. With times as tough as they are it was a good move.

Of course Beshear and Abramson as typical have already went out and amassed $2.6 million thus denying many Democrats a chance at some money they could have used for this year's election. So much for party unity there eh?

David will have many negatives to overcome since he is constantly being played as some sort of villain by mainstream like the Courier, etc, however, adding Farmer to the ticket will open doors for Williams to get the chance to explain his politics so people actually understand what he has been doing.

And believe me the reality is so much different than the garbage that the liberal media continues cramming down our throats. If you spend just 5 minutes with Senator Williams you realize just how far off mainstream is in their reporting on him.

You also get an understanding of just how intelligent and dedicated he is to the people of Kentucky.

I have admittedly attacked Williams in the past myself only to fall into the "open mouth, insert foot" category after speaking with Williams directly and seeing a whole different side I never could before.

David Williams is smart, intelligent, and should have a great chance at this race. While Richie Farmer has some problems as well, he also has a following that is comparable by none throughout the Commonwealth, and this will most certainly put the Williams/Farmer ticket at the forefront of any consideration in this race.

While many have stated they believe the Republican primary ticket of Moffett/Harmon are not strong enough to beat Beshear, Williams/Farmer most certainly is. Either way the Republican primary will be a good one and will focus on many issues not addressed in previous races.

School assignment programs to include Charter schools in Kentucky will be one such issue. Lowering taxes and attracting new business, though a traditional Republican mantra, will be another. In this particular case however we may just get details on where they can be lowered and a real jobs plan.

I am looking forward to this race myself. And I have to admit.

I am starting to like David Williams more and more.....


  1. Who does this leave for sec of state?

  2. Early indications started by Bill Johnson himself is that he will run. Personally based on what I know of him so far I hope anyone but Bill runs.

    He comes off as an arrogant self centered guy who cares only about what he will gain and that is not what any of us need.


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