Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You know I love LEO. I really do. Occasionally they do stories that you just have to read. Their Jerry's kids weekly page is one such. Take today's for example: Jerry's kids Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly. It appears that even Greg Fischer cannot convince those who support him that he is right on the bridges fiasco.

I have done many stories on Fischer and his asinine following of the ORBP based on his ties to the River Fields obstructionist group. As many know Hal Heiner has led the way during this race by taking a stand early on the issue and even going so far as to co sponsor the recent no tolls ordinance by the Metro Council.

Considering that most agree we need the East end bridge now and no downtown bridge, or redoing spaghetti junction, it would seem Hal gets it. So why doesn't Fischer? Simply because he wants it his way because the obstructionist River Fields group tells him he does.

Nothing new and certainly not leadership capable of representing we the people.

Former Abramson hack, and current Fischer spokes hack Chris Poynter had this to say when LEO questioned him on a Plan B,
“Greg supports the entire bridges project — both bridges.” The entire project entails building an East End bridge, a downtown bridge and re-configuring Spaghetti Junction.

Enough said? One would think so. Fischer has been playing the dance card on this issue for weeks now and his spokesman Poynter just verified what we already knew.

Fischer is not changing his mind and staying the course regardless of what we the people want. And that is Abramson Part 2.

I love the quote by Hal Heiner campaign manager Joe Burgan, “I am glad to hear that Greg is once again following Hal’s lead, and it’s another example of why Greg isn’t ready to lead,” says Joe Burgan, Heiner’s campaign manager. “If Hal isn’t around for him to co-opt his policy, he doesn’t have any ideas, and that’s not the sign of a leader.”

Gee isn't that what I have been saying all along?

Fischer is nothing more than a Democratic hack with no substance to bring to the table. A silver spoon boy who has no clue what it takes to lead. He proves it over and over again. Heck read his "plans" here
Louisville News and Politics: GREG FISCHER'S JOBS PLAN: MORE OF THE SAME and you will see nothing.

Even his supporter in Metro Council President Tom Owens has doubts.

“I’ve done everything I can to encourage (Fischer) to emphasize that tolling ought to be on the East End bridge and that it ought to be used to build that bridge now,” says Metro Council President Tom Owen, D-8, who endorsed Fischer. “He needs to be much more clear and stringent in his statements that the East End bridge needs to be the immediate priority and that broad-based tolling should not be part of building it.”

Owens goes on further to state this, “I think Mr. Heiner thus far appears to me to have a position on that issue that’s closer to mine,” Owen says. “Although Fischer is more nuanced, in this campaign it doesn’t need to be nuanced. It needs to be clear: East End bridge now.”

Enough said?

The fact is in this Mayoral election Hal Heiner is clearly head and shoulders above Greg Fischer. If you want more of the same as Abramson vote Fischer. Look at his supporter base. Bill Bardenwarper? Jack Dulworth? Two of the biggest gamers in town Louisville News and Politics: REALLY GREG FISCHER? THIS IS HUGE?, and of course don't forget criminal Jim King. Then we can be ignored again in favor of some personal glory or ego trip by Fischer.

If you want some serious change and an opportunity to be included in our government then the choice is clear at this point.

Hal Heiner brings substance and leads. Fischer follows wherever his leash is pulled by the entrenched.

That folks is not a path I want my Louisville to continue to be on.

What say ye?

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