Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What else can be said? Jack Conway apparently lives in a different universe than most of us. Why else would he be spouting off on facebook that he is in a tie with rand Paul when every credible poll source says otherwise? Who knows but Jack.

From his facebook page:

Jack Conway for Kentucky New poll from CNN/Time has our race tied at 46-46. CNN/Time Poll: KY Senate race all tied up (CNN) -- A new poll indicates that the battle for Kentucky's open Senate seat is dead even.
CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - CNN/Time Poll: KY Senate race all tied up « - Blogs from

I love how he has me blocked from commenting and censored as well. He isn't the only one. Even local bloggers block me because they can't handle it. Too funny but I digress.

Additionally, I wonder how Opinion Research is tied into Braun research the pollster used for Fischer who has a BBB problem, and who had Fischer leading Heiner by 7 in their cn/2 poll. Braun listed several polling areas of expertise and not one was political. Louisville News and Politics: MYVIEWMATTERS, GREG FISCHER, AND MORE

Braun and Opinion are both out of Princeton, NJ. Coincidence? We shall soon know. In the meantime the Conway CNN poll is obviously not right.

Of course we know better. I googled for results and came up with this other poll. The Fix - Alexi Giannoulias goes up with Obama ad in Illinois According to this the poll was conducted by, yep you guessed it, a Democratic pollster. No push there right? So two polls show Conway tied and neither is reputable even though apparently their own pollster had Rand up 3 points though it is "within the margin of error."

Spare us. Conway knows he is in trouble and is resorting to this gimmick? Another sad testimony.

Every credible poll has Jack down by double digits. With the exception of the Democratic polls Jack has not been anywhere close. And whose fault is that? None other than Jack Conway's.

Many say it is the fault of his campaign staff led by Mark Riddle. I say hogwash. No I am not siding with Riddle, who I believe is a hack who has no clue, but the fact remains that this is Conway's race and if he is losing by following the advice of this idiot then he can only blame himself.

He hired him.

If this is the best campaign he can run, and these are the best people he can get to run it, that speaks volumes about his ability to lead in Washington.

Taking the major differences between Jack and Rand Paul aside, running a non campaign like he has done has been a pathetic example of why he cannot succeed in Washington. Never mind the political way he has handled his current office, yes there are examples one of which will become public in the next week or so (hint it is one case I have been personally pursuing for over 2 years now and is being handled politically), the fact remains that Conway has believed himself to be the heir apparent and that we simply cannot afford.

The machine is broken and needs new parts. Conway is part of that machine.

Rand Paul is the new part.

Any questions?

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  1. Jack Conway as Kentucky Attorney General has had every opportunity to prove to the people of Kentucky that he indeed understands our needs and our pain.
    Simply put...he has failed to use his office for anything which would imply that he cares about We The People. He has failed on every front as Attorney General.
    I am not a Paul fan...but Jack has had his chance!


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