Monday, September 20, 2010


It is getting almost comical watching the destruction of 3rd Congressional Republican candidate Todd Lally implode. Seriously. For months now I have been asking Todd for specifics finally opting to jump off his bandwagon because he just does not get it. He still today less than 6 weeks before the election does not have a plan.

Check out the latest from the CJ:
Todd Lally releases jobs plan in bid to unseat John Yarmuth The Courier-Journal

Great headline with one problem.

Lally has no plan. The CJ even quotes him in their own article as admitting such.

From the article: "Republican House candidate Todd Lally on Monday released a jobs plan that includes small business tax incentives, penalties for shipping jobs overseas, reduced regulation and low taxes he said would boost employment."

Then the Cj goes on to state this:

"Lally said he didn't have any specifics on his small-business tax credit proposal."

Lally is quoted as saying “Seven out of 10 jobs are created by small businesses,” Lally said. “Ending the recession means giving small businesses the tax relief they need and not punishing them for being successful.”

But he cannot provide specifics on how he will address this? After a year of being in this race?

Folks this is exactly why I left team Lally in the first place. No substance.

That has always been Todd's problem. He likes to speak with party rhetoric but has not, and will not do the work necessary to develop a plan and back up what he preaches.

If he is that lazy now how in the hell will he govern?

In the meantime his Libertarian challenger, ed Martin, has already outlined a specific example of relief for small business and also included specifics on revamping workers comp which is killing small business.

Seems Lally has some serious catching up to do. It also appears the CJ really needs to rethink their headlines.

Lally has no plans to lead with a headline like the one the CJ used is misleading as hell.

Look elsewhere than Todd Lally if you want to move forward folks.

If you can't vote Yarmuth then vote Martin. At least you know what you are getting.

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