Tuesday, September 21, 2010


As usual when the party gets scared they try anything and everything to get rid of competition for what they deem to be their birthright. In this case Metro Council District 6. William Clark, who I believe was put up as the sacrificial lamb in District 6, has filed a lawsuit to have Councilman Deonte Hollowell removed from the November ballot for the Metro Council District 6 seat.


Perhaps it is because Councilman Hollowell is making a real difference in District 6 and proving he is not just a lame duck like the Democratic party had hoped. More importantly why now? And who is representing Clark?

None other than failed former Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore. That should say enough shouldn't it?

Check this out.
Former Democratic Party chief Jennifer Moore named party’s attorney : Bluegrass Politics

So is Moore doing this on behalf of the party? Who is paying the legal bills for it? And so on and so on. Moore was a disgrace as the Democratic Party Chair and was rewarded by being the party attorney.

Sounds and looks a lot like the Republican idiots in the Ed Martin case and their LD Chair attorney Vincent Heuser, JR. It works on both sides of the equation just reference prior articles here about the Republicans and the illegal challenging of Libertarian Ed Martins' candidacy for the 3rd Congressional District of which I filed charges against the attorney who presented it.

It is being investigated as I write this.

These tired games by the establishment on both sides are getting old and we the people must demand better. To continue allowing the parties to play these asinine games makes them believe they work and they will continue doing so. They feel they are empowered to continue going down this road and destroying the integrity of the electoral process.

And for what? Party control. They do not represent we the people anymore only we the party and that is unacceptable.

After making a few calls this suit is rumored to be sought on behalf of David James the Democratic candidate on the ballot for District 6. Of course James is backed by illegal guy Jim King. Remember he was found guilty by the KREF, paid a combined fine of $30,000 with daughter Judge Katie King, and is STILL under investigation by the Kentucky State Police for possible criminal wrongdoing.

So yeah this is typical.

In the meantime why would they play this silly game? from a legal perspective, was this done in a timely manner?

No one will tell us on the record who is behind this, though you now know where I stand, but here was Moore's response in the CJ
Suit seeks to remove incumbent from metro council race courier-journal.com The Courier-Journal:

When asked about her client, Moore would only say that Clark is a registered voter who lives in the District 6. She said issues with Hollowell’s petition were “brought to our attention,” but then declined to say by who.

I will give you 3 guesses who "brought it to their attention."

David James has a serious problem getting elected. He just changed his voter registration to District 6 in March and if he moved there in March then he is disqualified as not being a resident for at least one year in the District.

Though James says he has lived in the District for a year there has not been any proof offered showing such. I mean does he not even have an LG&E bill from over a year ago that he could offer up?

Looks like the answer to that is no so far and that raises questions. Not only does James have potential residency problems, he also has political ones.

Ken Herndon, who many believe should have gotten the appointment from the Democratic Party, myself included, is also running as a write in candidate. With Herndon's popularity he will most certainly take a ton of votes from James even as a write in.

And that is the problem.

James cannot win with Herndon in the race and incumbent Deonte Hollowell in as well.

The typical Deomcratic votes will split between James and Herndon leaving Hollowell the winner and that is why he is trying to remove him in my opinion. WIth Hollowell out of the race that is more voters that James will desperately need to sway if he has any chance at beating Herndon.

This blatant self centered partisan hack game being played by hack Jennifer Moore, presumably David James and Jim King, is exactly the reason we do not need James elected to any office today. If Clark was coerced into filing these charges by Jennifer Moore Democratic Party attorney, and ex Chair then that is serious as well.

The sad thing is tis is exactly what we had come to expect when Moore was Chair. it is time for her to be open about who "brought it to their attention" and who is paying for the legal services.

In the meantime. Stay the course Councilman Deonte Hollowell.

Many of us throughout the Louisville community appreciate the honesty, openness, and integrity you are bringing to the District 6 seat you now hold.

It is time now to make those hacks like the Jameses, Kings, and Moore's of the world go away so we can move forward.

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