Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I just finished listening to the Judge interviews by the CJ in its entirety between Katie King and James Green. I have to say King did ok but Green actually impressed me a bit with his openness and honesty. James Green paid a price by losing an election in 2002 because many people thought he was ex Sherriff Jim Greene who was being hammered by the media at that point in a very negative way.

James Green IS NOT Jim Greene (notice they even spell their names differently?

But hey on with the show.

Katie was specifically asked about her Dad's involvement financially in this campaign and she stated she assumed he would give her the maximum limit of $1000 since that is all that is allowed by law. I find it oddly convenient that the CJ did not ask about the illegal campaign contributions from her dad in the last election of which Katie and Jim paid a joint fine of $30,000 earlier this year.

And they are STILL under Kentucky State Police investigation for possible (yeah right more like KNOWING) criminality in regards to the illegal financing of her campaign 2 years ago. What happens when they get indicted? Could be interesting.

Another interesting question concerns her behavior since being elected to the bench where she states she has essentially had no trouble with the law, or specifically no 911 calls, since being elected. She states she has done nothing to bring disrespect to the bench. She must have conveniently forgotten the fiasco from March of this year: Louisville News and Politics: Katie King nailed again. I would say that was significant as a sitting Judge and a convenient memory lapse again. Oh yeah at the end is where she says no when asked about illegal drugs.

Finally she speaks about Juvenile records being confidential and I actually agree with much of what she has to say about it but can't resist this clip where she talks about how these juveniles can grow up and be a threat. Of course she was a threat just a couple of years ago, as an assistant in the prosecutor's office, against her then boyfriend when she tried to break in his door resulting in a 911 call to police to get her to stop.

The biggest problem I have is the fact that she still doesn't get it. Not admitting mistakes and then lying about behavior once again shows me she lacks the character and integrity needed for the job. Period.

Will she never learn?


  1. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

  2. I have zero recollection of Jim Greene being "hammered" by anything in 2002. What was he in the media for at that time? He'd been out of office for what, 10 years, at that point?

  3. AMEN to Anonymous 1!

  4. is this girl seriously going to win again? Are the people that uh uhhh ignorant?? how did she get elected in the first place?

  5. It is up to the voter whether she wins again or not. How did she get elected? Illegally. Seriously she broke every campaign law there is including illegal financing by her dad metro councilman Jim King, illegal sign placement, illegally using language such as "partnering with police" in ads etc.

    Funnily enough she ran as a candidate who wants to enforce the law and uphold it.

    Thanks for writing.

  6. Jim Greene (with the e) was a Sheriff at the time and in all kinds of negative media reports. Jim Green the Judge did nothing...Katie and her family are "old school" politicians....who needs what cash to do what? Money talks with this family.

  7. Ok, first observation, what's up with the interviewer anyway? Does someone have his balls clamped? Could he say um, um anymore? Next observation, Katie should reconsider any public speaking gigs because her vocabulary and sentence composition are below par. Most important and interesting observation, Katie reaches for her pad o' paper to jot down some notes when asked about allegations of 911 calls and domestic violence etc. I don't have to be a psych major (but I am) to know this is a classic distraction tool when someone is nervous or lying!! What exactly is she jotting down anyway? Any informed, educated individual that has followed her joke of a career knows this isn't the first time she has heard these topics. Vote Green in 2010 and you won't be sorry.


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