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Over the last few days the CJ has done their usual endorsements in political races. Today they outlined 3 State House Races that include Districts 43,44, and 46. It would seem the Courier needs to do more homework in these races as their information is questionable at best. Editorial Endorsement More House races The Courier-Journal.

District 43: The CJ has endorsed Democrat Daryl Owens. No big surprise there and honestly Owens has no real competition in his opponent George Conrad Dick. Owens should win this handily but I question the CJ version of who Owens is. From the CJ:

"Mr. Owens wants to continue his support of education (“the biggest attraction for business is an educated workforce”) and providing for the most vulnerable citizens."

As everyone knows education in Kentucky is pathetic so what has Owens done to make it better? Nothing that anyone I know can show. If Owens wants to improve Kentucky education then he damn sure needs to start acting like he is educated instead of following the same train wreck that has reduced Ky education to a laughingstock around the Nation.

The CJ went further with this:

"He supports expanded gambling and would like to see a “destination” casino, although he says gambling revenue won't solve the revenue problem. “Tax modernization is the only way to do it,” he says."

This doesn't add up either. While I applaud Owens for his tax modernization statement nothing he has done signifies his willingness to engage in it. In fact nothing he has done has shown he is interested in anything other than the typical Democratic agenda which is what is destroying Kentucky.

Expanded gambling? Owens has hindered that effort. He will not even look at SB 222 which was put up last year that would work toward that end AND save charities as well. Didn't Beshear run on a platform of expanded gambling? How has that worked out. Owens and crew have not done anything with that other than look at Churchill first for slots and ignore the realities.

Owens may be the only real shot for this District but he most certainly, at this point, is not the best District 43 has to offer.

District 44: No big surprise the CJ would endorse their favorite ultra liberal Joni Jenkins in this race. When speaking of her challenger Republican Gail Powers the CJ states that Powers is "no match for Ms. Jenkins' record of accomplishment, her fluency in all things Frankfort and what she calls her “common-sense” approach to challenges and problems."

I like the term "all things Frankfort." What better way to prove to us all that Jenkins is indeed a Frankfort insider and that is what we all want to get rid of. The CJ goes even further about Joni stating:

"Ms. Jenkins points to her advocacy for working families, for children, for public education and for preserving and creating jobs. In terms of raising revenue for the state, she supports expanded gambling as a tool to help the hurting horse industry (she favors free-standing casinos and slots at tracks), and she says she is open to an increase in the cigarette tax."

Joni Jenkins has been in Frankfort since 1995, so has education gotten better or worse in Kentucky? It has gotten worse as we all know. Preserving and creating jobs? Does she not pay attention to the jobs situation in Kentucky? What jobs has she created outside of Government jobs? What jobs has she preserved? This doesn't pass the smell test either folks.

Expanded gambling? She supports it for saving the horse industry never mind that by tying gambling into the horse industry only she will force more charities out of business as well. Charities that fund themselves so our tax dollars do not have to.Typical spin by the Democrats who have done nothing to look at the big picture.

The CJ says Joni Jenkins has worked on tax reform.

Tax reform is not being open to an increase on cigarette taxes Ms. Jenkins and CJ. You can't state you are for tax reform in one breath and then state your version of it is raising cigarette taxes. There is a huge difference.

Jenkins is the typical tax and spend liberal Frankfort insider we simply cannot afford anymore.

District 46: Wow what can be said here? The CJ predictably endorsed the pathetic Larry Clark when even his biggest supporters in labor have jumped ship because Larry is so bad. The CJ states as part of why they endorse him:

"Mr. Clark's encyclopedic expertise, the breadth and depth of his institutional knowledge and memory, and the skills he brings to work with him every day. And we do mean every day — he maintains a 100 percent voting record."

The problem? Clark is owned lock, stock, and barrel by special interests and always has been. But take that out of the equation for a minute. Does the CJ even do any of their own research anymore?

According to this,Search Voting Record -, Clark DOES NOT have a 100% voting record. Though Clark has been pushing this lie for a long time it is a shame to see the CJ atually believed him instead of setting the record straight.

Clark has openly denied trying for any comprehensive expanded gambling initiatives by tying himself solely to the KEEP project headed by former Governor Brereton Jones and Patrick Neely. You can read throughout this website my thoughts on these clowns.

Clark is an institutional throwback to the good old boy system in Kentucky and needs to be removed. He has not accomplished anything meaningful to move this Commonwealth forward but has certainly benefitted himself.

It is time to benefit Kentuckians first not politicians.

I will begrudgingly agree with Owens endorsement in District 43. Quite frnakly because he has no one that offers any better for this District. With that in mind I will take Owens Frankfort experience in the hopes that in this anti incumbent year he will realize he finally needs to live up to what he says he will do.

I will side with Gail Powers against Joni Jenkins in District 44. Jenkins days of tax and spend need to go and Powers has incredible knowledge and energy to bring to Frankfort that will benefit us all.

I will go with Brian Simpson over Larry Clark in 46. Clark's good ole boy network days are over or should be.

While Clark thinks first of himself and what he can gain, Brian Simpson brings energy, integrity, honesty, and desire back to District 46. He would be a great adition to Frankfort serving the people as well.

Your thoughts?


  1. Simpson would be great in Frankfort, I really hope he gets elected. Clark has been in there way to long and brings nothing to the job

  2. You left out House 28.


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