Thursday, September 30, 2010


As we all know by now failed ex Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore has filed suit on behalf of Abramson Senior advisor to the Mayor on Labor, Greg Reddington, to disqualify Independent Michael Lewis from the ballot for the District 35 State House seat currently held by Democrat Jim Wayne.

As usual there is more to the story.

For starters Lewis was served September 24 and was given 20 days to respond to the allegations. This would put his response being due by October 14. Now Jennifer Moore has a motion for hearing set on October 4 which is ONLY 10 days from the date of the charges.

Gee are they in a hurry or what?

Guaranteed they are in a hurry and why not? Jim Wayne has been in Frankfort since 1991 and is definitely a part of the problem. With this year being a generally assumed anti incumbent year , Wayne does not want to take a chance on getting beat by anyone. Especially someone registered as an independent since no Republican stood up and ran.

As you know in my previous article I asked Jim Wayne to denounce this action if he was not part of it. Of course he has not done that and won't.

Why won't he denounce it? Because he is part of the harassment in my opinion.

In fact Michael Lewis called Jim Wayne and asked him to denounce this pathetic attempt and as I reported yesterday Wayne wanted to let the issue "play out."

Well I spoke with Michael Lewis again last night and Lewis informed me that Jim Wayne told him ex Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore did this on her own. Wayne told Lewis that Moore was targeting a couple of different races to try and get candidates off the ballot.

The key here is that Moore was the one targeting the races. If that is the case, as Wayne alleges, then Moore illegally sought a person to use for a front man in Greg Reddington. Since when is it permissible for a lawyer to put together a lawsuit and THEN solicit someone to use for the plaintiff?

Isn't that supposed to be the other way around?

As the Democratic Party lawyer SHE made the decision to take this route and try to manipulate the ballot and deny the voters a choice in some races. This is how the machine has always worked but to continue allowing this type of behavior will turn more and more people away from voting and we will deny we the people of fair representation.

Not to mention the fact that one of Abramson's pals in Greg Reddington is assumedly allowing his name to be used so Moore cannot be credited for the witch hunt. This of course would violate ethics laws and demands a bar complaint be filed.

Guess I will add one more to the ones I already have filed that are being investigated as I write this.

Bottom line is simple folks. Jim Wayne should be voted out of office for being a knowing part of this and allowing this to occur. If he is that scared of competition then maybe he shouldn't be in Frankfort in the first place. Since he has been there since 1991 he certainly has more to lose than we do by voting someone else in. Quite honestly since the Dems have controlled the House for so many years, and Wayne has been there 19 of them, he needs to go anyway. Put the blame where it lies on the failures of Kentucky.

Wayne is proving just why so many are completely fed up with party politics and long for something different.

Lewis should win this case easily and if Wayne and Moore think he is scared they better think again. I know Michael and I have spoken with him about this. They just screwed up. He is more fired up than ever and cannot wait for his day in court.

Jennifer Moore has embarrassed the party once again and this time has embarrassed the bar as well. If Wayne's assertions to Lewis are right, then Moore, and Abramson's pal Greg Reddington, have a lot to answer for. Jim Wayne needs to go.

Stay tuned this will be an interesting situation on Monday..........

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