Sunday, October 31, 2010


Update: According to Andrew Horne on facebook Kentucky Leadership Council is an Independent Expenditure PAC filed with the FEC. The funding is disclosed to the FEC. It is not a non-partisan 527 it is a democratic pac. Apparently they are continuing with the "aqua buddha" message mentality from Jack Conway's campaign.

Yep you read it right folks. Former candidate Andrew Horne is apparently running negative robocalls and a campaign against Rand Paul. Using his supposed business Kentucky Leadership Council, though I did not find a listing for it at the Secretary of State's Office, it would appear that Horne himself has no problems lying or going negative against anyone.

I find that sadly normal for Democratic hacks but at the same time I find it offensive coming from someone like Horne. Has this guy completely lost any integrity for the sake of future backing from the party for his own gain? I mean a retired Lt. Colonel sinking to this level?

Apparently Horne's Kentucky leadership Council sent out a robocall attacking Rand Paul on his religious faith. I guess when aqua buddha didn't work they had to go a different route. This time Conway denies any knowledge. We shall see.

In the meantime Horne is also sending out robocalls reportedly received today saying Rand Paul wants to legalize meth labs.

How pathetically desperate can Conway be to accept this kind of help? Why is he not standing up denouncing this type of behavior? Is he involved with this? Personally I think so but cannot prove it at this time. So why is Jack allowing this?

Simply because Conway himself led the way in negative campaigning and has proven just why he is not fit to be Senator. He has run one of the worst Senate campaigns I have ever witnessed and that is saying something. Of course that is what happens when you continually use recycled party hacks like Mark Riddle. Apparently his hack groupies like Horne have decided to forego any integrity or truth in advertising whatsoever as well.

It is these type of people that make us sick of politcs in general and politicians as well.

We the people deserve better and I will continue to out those like Horne who play this asinine game. Here is one story you can read: Bluegrass Pundit: Demo Dirty Tricks: Robo-Call Claims Rand Paul Supports Legalizing Meth Labs

By the way the proof is in the details here: Kentucky Leadership Council Outside Spending OpenSecrets

Here is one more by Roger Alford of the AP: Religious undercurrent runs through US Senate race - Times Union

How low does one go to get elected to office? Apparently very low. It is reflective of what they will do once elected and we can ill afford to have disasters like Conway or Horne elected to any office. Remember when Conway loses Tuesday this is one reason why.

Remember when Horne decides to find another office to run for he isn't deserving either. There will be more on Horne when he makes that decision I assure you.

Haven't we had enough of these people yet?

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