Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Fairness campaign has went crazy trying to push Greg Fischer for Mayor openly while behind the scenes admitting that Heiner is not the monster they are trying to portray him to be. What gives? Many throughout the community believe in fairness, myself included, but how can you promote fairness for anything when you are the one promoting separatism?

It is bad enough we have to continually listen to Greg Fischer's lies throughout this campaign. We have to watch mainstream like the CJ play the spin game and even hide relevant info on Fischer or ignore it altogether but the truth always outs itself eventually.

But then we have to absorb a group that promotes "fairness" but is not fair in that promotion itself.

Greg Fischer has received the endorsement of the Fairness group yet he has shied away from any acknowledgement of them. His website does not show them as endorsing him, though that will change quickly I am sure now that he is behind in the polls, and he has never stood up publicly acknowledging them.

"Fair" enough, but to continue attacking Hal Heiner like he is against the gays and will destroy the fairness ordinance itself is nonsense. Heiner has went on record stating he would support the fairness ordinance in existence never saying one time he would work against it.

If the fairness campaign wants to be taken seriously they most certainly should practice what they preach. It is an insult to any intelligent voter to think anything is fair about the way these guys are promoting Greg Fischer.

Normally I would not post an article attacking a group in general but in this case I feel obligated. On Tuesday we will make our voice be heard through our vote for a new Louisville. One for the first time in better than 25 years will not include Abramson, unless of course Fischer pulls off the upset.

We can only hope not.

This election will be paramount to the future of Louisville. Do we move forward, move backward, or remain the same. This issue goes beyond the single minded politics of many special interests groups. It goes to the heart of where we as a community together will be.

The fact that many throughout the community are playing these divisive politics, that Democrats and their special interests are well known for in our community, is an insult to the intelligence of those of us who know we can do and be so much better than we have for the last 25 years.

While the fairness organization is publicly chastising Heiner they have not been shy about privately praising him.

That in itself is unacceptable. To do so for someone like Fischer who doesn't even acknowledge your existence is another good example of the flawed logic.

For more I will link to my friend Curt Morrison Louisville Courant: Greg Fischer NOT for mayor. You should check out what this openly gay blogger has to say about Greg Fischer. I concur with him.

I for one am looking to Tuesday with great anticipation.

For what it's worth to my readers consider this my official endorsement of Hal Heiner for Mayor.

I prefer to move forward not backward myself.

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