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Ok fans I admit I have been awful hard on Democratic Metro Council candidate for District 6 David James for primarily two reasons. First, there has been no proof offered of his residency that would make him eligible for the election, and secondly, the ties to illegal Jim King have been a great concern to me.

I met with David James this morning over breakfast to set the record straight and I have to admit he is LEGAL. David provided a copy of his lease agreement at his address signed on August 3, 2009 which means he meets the one year requirement to run for office in District 6.

All I can say at this point is thanks David. Seriously, that is the one issue I just could not overcome. After the exhaustive 2 years (and counting) I have spent working towards justice in the case of Jim and Katie King (a fight that is still ongoing today as the Kentucky State Police are still investigating among others), and the ridiculous contested ballots of practically anyone who is considered a threat in elections this year by the Democratic Party, well you get the picture.

By the way the Republicans have not been much better remember the illegal suit brought against Ed Martin by the Lally whackers?

Facts are important. David just provided the facts and proved his residency making it a moot point. I do owe David an apology to some degree as I have been very critical because of this issue so David my apologies but next time do me a favor.

Take care of this sooner save us both some time and trouble ;-).

Since I was with David I decided to cover a couple of different areas. First was Jim King and his relationship with him.

David tells me he first met with King, upon King's request, during the primary race for Mayor. King wanted information that would help him develop a safety plan and David is an expert on that issue.

In fact when I ran for Mayor in 2006 I reached out to David even though he was with the KBI at the time, David immediately met with me, and helped me understand the needs of the community with police staffing, funding, etc. It was partly because of the many things I learned from David during that time that I was able to draft a public safety program that I still believe to this day was the best solution offered then and now.

James says his relationship with King is nothing more than a periphery one based solely on his meetings with King speaking about public safety issues. I have no reason to doubt that at all as it is true to David's character.

I did speak with David additionally about the current Deonte Hollowell story as well. I asked James if he had anything whatsoever to do with the report being tossed about by Democratic hack, and pseudo journalist Thomas McAdam of the City Hall examiner.

James vehemently denied any involvement whatsoever and went on to state:

"I had absolutely nothing to do with this story against councilman Hollowell. In fact I have not went negative in any way in this election. The people of District 6 deserve someone with integrity and honor representing them. Negative campaigning destroys that credibility and wastes time on something other than what the people of District 6 want and that is a pure discussion on the problems and what we will do working together to overcome them."

James further stated: "I like Councilman Hollowell and everyone makes mistakes. I want him to know that I had nothing whatsoever to do with this negative campaign tactic and I wish him all the best."

I have to admit I believe him. David James in the past has always been above board and openly discusses everything. Today was no different and for that I am grateful.

So Mr. James sorry for causing you the trouble but the questions were very necessary and relevant to this election. Enjoy the race and good luck.


  1. This is why I am proud to be on David James Campaign.
    Michelle Gallagher

  2. A few observations:

    1) Finally, SOMEONE can answer this question for me. Who was the lessor that signed James lease? The PVA indicates that property is owned by the city? That confused me because James said the owner of the complex wanted him to live there.

    2) James told Rick Redding that he knew about the arrest before McAdam made them public. If James would elaborate on how he knew about them, I'd feel more likely to trust him as much as you Ed.

    3) "Democratic hack, and pseudo journalist": Yikes! Remind me to stay on your good side! lol

    4) I guess if I can be a gay rights activist and lean toward Heiner, you can be a Jim King nemesis and support his surrogate. Politics can be confusing.

  3. lol Curt. I am not publicly supporting anyone in the Metro Council race for 6th. Personally, I find it appalling that it has turned into such a circus since George Unseld died.

    I did attack James on the issue and since he finally proved them wrong it was the right thing to do with this story.

    McAdam at this point has much to answer for especially since he is sending this info out publicly. If the info on Hollowell is true it could only have been gotten by someone on the inside. That would include any law enforcement officer and attorneys as well.

    By the way as an attorney McAdam should also know he has liability for publicly using Hollowell's Social Security number without redacting. That is another issue.

    At this point based on what the Dems attorney Jennifer Moore is pulling in this election cycle my opinion is that she was involved in some way.

    Time will tell.

    Thanks for writing.

  4. Actually, he could have easily gotten the information he posted through the same process anyone else could - an open records request. That doesn't mean he wasn't slipped the document from someone, but it isn't a "secret" document. The details on it sound quite legitimate and there is at least one officer's name on it - Harris. That was apparently the officer who had the underlying speeding case for the bench warrant. So what happened to THAT case? The form I saw had the bulk of the social redacted anyway - and a truncated form of the social is regularly used in all sorts of ways.

    As for residency - David knew, when he first tried to get the spot that Hollowell now holds, that he didn't qualify at that time. He does now, of course, if he does, in fact, live where the lease says he lives and not in Beechwood Village, where he used to live.

  5. Ed, I've been reflecting on that word "periphery" since I looked it up. Unlike you, I don't believe King is the worst person in the world, but I do strongly believe him and David James have more than just a periphery of a relationship. Some of the evidence I present to support my belief might surprise you:

  6. Guess What? Now He's on the Board of Trustees
    at U of L, and he's a Lt. cop on
    the U of L Police Dept which is
    also in District #6 that he
    represents. Talk about a conflict
    of interest.

  7. Considering David works full time for UL and part time for the city and lives smack dab in the middle of the area he represents not really much of a conflict. What is your point Chet?


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