Monday, October 4, 2010


The more you get attacked the more credible you know you are becoming. Believe me I know first hand. When they ignore you they aren't worried about you, but when they attack you, well the attacker surely has some major concerns.

Take the latest from Metro Council District 6 and Councilman Deonte Hollowell. Thomas McAdam over at the Louisville City Hall Examiner has aided and abetted once again the Democratic party and their favorite non resident David James. Why would I say that?

Read this article for yourself:
UPDATED: Was Louisville Metro Councilman Hollowell busted for drugs? - Louisville CIty Hall

I love the way it says "Was." leaving a wide open question unanswered.

McAdam alludes to a supposed arrest report that he reviewed that showed this to be true.

According to McAdams original post:

According to the arrest report we reviewed, Hollowell was observed by an undercover LMPD officer entering a suspected narcotic trafficking location, where he remained for 3 to 5 minutes. As Hollowell departed the area, he was followed by the officer, who noted that he failed to give turn signals on two occasions, and was operating a vehicle with a broken windshield. When he stopped Hollowell, the officer detected a strong smell of marijuana

Never mind that McAdam offered noting other than his word that it exists.

Why hasn't McAdam posted the alleged report for review? Probably because it does not exist as even McAdam refutes his own story by adding an "update" much later after the possible fabricated story was reported locally on FOX 41.

McAdam's update is as follows:

UPDATE: 10/03/10 8:50 pm. Sources now indicate that the original arrest date for Hollowell was 9/30/09, at 1:25 pm, at Outer Loop and Briarcliff. Hollowell was driving a blue 2001 Dodge, Ky. Lic. No. 704FMB. He was released from jail at 11:57 pm that same day. If he was assigned to a diversion program for first offense, possession of marijuana, by Jefferson District Court, sufficient time has now passed to allow him to complete the program and have his original conviction record expunged. This would explain the absence of any court records in the case.

Now Councilman Hollowell was arrested in Okolona. Folks I grew up in Okolona and still have lots of my family there. Outer Loop and BriarCliff has never been a suspected narcotics location. Quite frankly that is the entrance to the Texas Roadhouse on Outer Loop and there is simply too much traffic moving in that location to stop, park, sell marijuana and then leave.

So much for that story yet McAdam cannot seem to admit he erred. Instead of admitting his information was in error he continued in his "update" to try and force us to believe that marijuana was still the case when in fact the truth is quite different.

Councilman Hollowell was arrested for speeding. The mug shot on file is from that incident and according to Councilman Hollowell the information McAdam uses from a supposed "undercover" officer is a blatant lie. Period. The conversation never took place since the incident never took place.

Now we have one more question as well.

Who in the District 6 Metro Council race would know better than anyone how to fabricate a story like this and make a gullible person like McAdam go for it? Perhaps an ex cop maybe? Maybe this ex cop that is being led around by an illegal Metro Councilman named, oh I don't know Jim King possibly, is listening to bad advice?

And why is McAdam willing to damage what little reputation he had for this ridiculous smear campaign with no proof offered?

Call me what you will, and believe me I have been called many things, but when I make an accusation I back it with proof or reasonable evidence. In this case McAdam has done neither. He continually throughout the story keeps trying to make the marijuana angle stick even going so far as alluding to the fact the records may have been misplaced.

If he cannot provide any records to back his assertions then how can this ridiculous story have any credibility at all?

McAdam has made many donations to Democrats in political races: Joseph Corradino, Sean Delahanty, David Banks, Dave Armstrong, Dan Johnson, Bill Allison. All Democrats and apparently McAdam sees no conflict with his writing a story to protect the Democrats interest in the Metro Council District 6 race.

I see a problem with it. If you are contributing to one specific party and then trying to pass this type of smear campaign off as "journalism" then it is a major problem.

IF McAdam can show the proof then this will be a different story but until such time as he does then I hope most will take it for what it is.

Just another negative desperate attempt to deny we the voters of a choice in our elections.

Had enough yet?


  1. You can find the arrest report at:

    You can find the mug shots at:

    --Thomas McAdam

  2. Looks like WLKY is in on the grand conspiracy too:

    You and your dope-smoking pal owe me an apology.


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