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This is the 3rd and final part of my election predictions. Happy reading!

COUNTY JUDGE EXECUTIVE: Insert name here...... Seriously no duties, no pay, no responsibility.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: Again County Commissioners have no responsibility, no job, and no pay but I will be casting my vote in "C" District for my friend Bob Heuglin.

CORONER: If you like business as usual such as insider deals and no competition then vote for Barbara Weakley Jones. This Department needs a serious investigation and house cleaning but Chapman just isn't strong enough to win it.

Jones by 5.

SOIL AND WATER DISTRICT SUPERVISORS: A supposed "non partisan" race is generally pretty partisan. But in this race you get to choose 3 with the top three vote getters serving. Paul Holliger is a definite to consider as he has, on behalf of the group STOP IT, really held the fire to those in power like MSD. He would be a natural for this position. I also believe Pat Thurman, who is retired and an activist would do a great job as well. My 3rd pick? Jim Rovenski a young professional who stays involved in the issues and has a bright future ahead of him.

Holliger, Rovenski, and Thurman should get the nod.

CONSTABLE 3RD MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: This is the only Constable race I will weigh in on and primarily because of the players. David Whitlock spends a small fortune buying signs for a job that only pays $100 a month and one has to wonder why. Based on the history of Whitlock it is a wonder he can even be considered. Convicted of felony theft (later expunged after a diversion program) you would think he would stay out of something like this. Of course he doesn't. Why would he want this particular job so much? Maybe he is still in the business and needs the cover. I wouldn't know but it is an interesting contrast.

In the meantime Red Thompson is as good as it gets. A family man, experienced law enforcement, integrity, you name it he fits the bill.

Unfortunately for a race like this name recognition usually wins and Whitlock has bought a ton of it with sign placement legal and illegal.

Whitlock by 8.


I am only covering a couple of Judges races listed below. Feel free to chime in with other races in the comments section.

Mason Trenaman. Though Trenaman is a sitting Judge incumbent right now he is the Judge in a differnet division than this one he seeks. In this race experience matters. While Stephanie Burke has an impressive resume Trenaman should have the edge based on experience. I believe the voters will vote his way.

Trenaman by 5.

DISTRICT COURT JUDGE - 30TH DISTRICT-3RD DIVISION provides us with an interesting twist. Incumbent Claude Prather is well recognized and is rated well by the latest bar survey. Newcomer Sandra McLaughlin has been in practice less than 10 years and has a shady legal past.

McLaughlin actually attacked a juror when the jury ruled against her in one of her cases. This in addition to some people she aligns herself with, and who are working for her in the Southend, is a real concern to many including me.

Judges must have an even temperament and be above reproach. Ms. McLauglin falls well short in both categories in my opinion. I trust the people to re elect Prather.

Prather by 7.

That's it for what I am covering folks. Chime in to all 3 parts and comment. Let me know what you think.



  1. Thanks for explaining the County positions. I moved to Louisville about 2 years ago and I've spent at least 2 nights going through Civics class all over again to figure out how the local government is structured.

    So thats two useless positions I can skip over, only 25 or so left on my sample ballot.

  2. No mention of the Katie King race? I sure was hoping to vote her out after the way she got in. Then I watched the interview on the C-J site and saw what a complete loser was running against her! I voted early since I will be out of town but I had to write in Brittney Spears out of disgust.

    I am a fisher supporter but agree wholeheartedly that the stupid story they ran today is right out of the gutter. Did it actually make the print edition? I will let them know how I feel.

  3. The Katie King race was addressed in Part 2. Because I was being bombarded with people wanting my thoughts on that race I addressed it early.

    thanks for writing.

  4. For County Judge vote Jack Early.
    He got the shaft from the JCRPEC when he ran for mayor in 2002 (some of the LD Chairs had donated to Abramson, so it's no surprise), and deserves at least something.
    Too bad no one named "Often" is running. I would love to say I voted "Early" and "Often."

  5. Katie King will win hands down. Also, Trenaman was voted 2nd out of four in his primary race. He has already been beat by Burke once. Unfortunately, Trenaman will be beat.

  6. Trenaman was in Greg Fischer's parade on Saturday. He is playing as though he's a democrat when everybody knows he's a sneaky, dirty teabagger.

    And who cares about this Dirt and Water Supervisor? Your buddy Holliger (a man DYING for a TITLE) makes some untruthful claims on his website about being an independent, when everyone knows he's working for Doug Hawkins and Renay Davis.

    "No behind-the-scenes partisan ties"?? That is a lie. Find out who Holliger hates and vote for them.

  7. lmao is this the best you have "anonymous." yep the quotation marks are purleyintentional eh pal?

    Your repsonse is comical. Since when has any independnet NOt supported someone in a party? I don't know who Holliger is behind across teh board but trying to imply he is partisan because he actually supports someone in a party is comical.

    For the bigger question why did I address the soil and water conservation race?

    Simply because coming soon is an in depth look at how this particualr agency is screwing we the taxpayer and used by some hacks for their own personal pleasure.

    To fix the problem you must change the players and the 3 I listed in my opinion wuld be great additions towards accountability.

    Do you even have a clue what that job entails? Or is supposed to?

    Have fun and thanks for writing.

  8. Would be nice if someone would actually pay attention to what Whitlock does that is currently illegal - such as swearing in deputies without authorization. (Check out KRS 70.320.) I guarantee he does NOT have the mayor's authorization. He also lacks permission to monitor any emergency radio frequencies (as required from whoever owns the frequency) and he lacks permission from fiscal court (Metro Council) to have blue lights pursuant to KRS 189.950.


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