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Update: Thomas McAdam over at the City Hall examiner has posted an article claiming he was the first to report this story on Friday night at 7:30 pm while I first reported it on Saturday morning. I missed the story and he is correct. My apologies. In the meantime McAdam needs to retract his comments regarding me and the Deonte Hollowell situation as he is still pursuing lies.

For a little blogger who is insignificant I sure do break a lot of stories every other media outlet jumps on. By the way boys it is time to give some credit where it is due as I do you. But hey that isn't this story.

On Saturday I broke the story that the deal between Jackie Green and Greg Fischer was an illegal one. You can read it here: Louisville News and Politics: GREG FISCHER AND JACKIE GREEN VIOLATE LAW.

Well today everyone from Jake over at the ville voice and LEO have stated the same thing. Interestingly enough no mention of me was mentioned. As usual but that is ok. I always work above board and will continue to.

In the meantime, as I stated Saturday I will file the suit myself if no one else has the guts and so far no one in the local GOP has stepped up to the plate so here is another story. IF the suit is not filed by Friday by someone I will be filing it myself with media in tow.

It is time to rid ourselves of these back door deals and folks like Greg Fischer who condone it. There already is a copy of a written agreement between Fischer and Green proving the charges. Green was stupid enough to send it out and let people know.

Is it any wonder why he is not smart enough to be Mayor? Green felt this would vindicate his efforts in his issues yet was not smart enough to know this was a blatant illegal act. Fischer of course just assumes, as Abramson always has, that he is above the law so no biggie.

It is my hope that Fischer gets beat so badly in this election at this point that he hides from public view forever. Seriously we are sick of politicians who will lie, cheat, and steal to get elected for their own gain and Fischer proves that he is one and the same.

I have been somewhat critical of Hal to a degree for not being more aggressive in outing Fischer's idiocy but now I see I may have been wrong in that assessment.

I mean how can Hal do any more damage to Fischer than Fischer does to himself every time he opens his mouth?

Stay tuned this will get much worse. I just hope a few people can do their own stories now or at least give credit where credit is due since they ask for that all the time. I won't hold my breath.

This is the official Heiner press release on the story:

Government Department Offered for Political Endorsement

LOUISVILLE, KY – Just fifteen days before the election Greg Fischer is giving us a sneak peek into how his administration would operate. In order to get his political opponent, Jackie Green, out of the race, he entered into written negotiations to turn over the power and authority of a new government agency in exchange for political support.

“On Friday my opponent sent a clear message to the community about how he plans to run the mayor’s office,” stated Hal Heiner. “Negotiating the makeup of governmental departments behind closed doors in an attempt to secure an endorsement is the same old politics that has kept Louisville behind for so long. I’ve spent 7 years on the Metro Council fighting for open government and was able to crack open the door on transparency with the passage of As mayor I will continue to fight for the taxpayers and let the sun shine in. Today I call on Greg Fischer to release all documents drafted between the Fischer and Green campaigns so that the public can see exactly what they’re paying for. We should never forget government exists to serve the people, not the self interest of a political campaign”

Until next time folks!


  1. Ed

    I for one appreciate you staying on top of this and other stories. Give credit where it is due and you've done a great job here. I look forward to the lawsuit. This crap can't continue to happen in Louisville politics and people need to be held accountable

  2. I think maybe we will agree on this...

    If we do this good and necessary work for credit, we will never feel fulfilled.

  3. Thanks anonymous.

    Steve I agree. I have never done this for credit just figured I would throw that in there about credit since so many of the ones who cry about not getting credit are the ones who don't reciprocate.

    Personally, I don't care about that egotistical stuff just wanted to make a point.

    Thanks for writing folks.


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