Sunday, October 17, 2010


The story on District 6 endorsements claimed by Ken Herndon continues. I was not planning on having to deal with this situation anymore but as usual Herndon, and/or his supporters, decided to start spreading lies and falsehoods making it necessary to continue.

That has been the basic problem with his campaign as I told him last week when he requested a one on one "off the record" meeting with me.

I won't divulge the content of that meeting as I agreed to an off the record one. I gave my word and it won't change. With that said I will protect my name and integrity from malicious lies by Herndon and/or his supporters.

Funnily enough they continue to rant about how I as a "blogger" am insignificant. Fair enough, I won't argue, but you sure are wasting a lot of time lying about me to protect yourself aren't you?

Guess what guys? If that was true you wouldn't be out there lying. If that was true I wouldn't have listened to Tammy Hawkins cuss me out making a sailor proud last night. In short, if I was insignificant I would be ignored.

You give me more credibility every time you use my name so thanks in a sense for that. But I digress. You guys want to go down this road then we shall. Many thought personal attacks would shut me up and they were all wrong. They will continue to be wrong. Including you guys.

Apparently, LaTonya Hawkins AKA "Tammy" Hawkins, President of the Jets, has now started lying in public stating I told her I was with the Courier Journal when I spoke with her.

Of course that is a lie by Ms. Hawkins. I even gave my website address to her so she could research who I was, properly spelled my name so she could google it if she wanted. Clearly this mess she has created is caused by her lying and playing the candidates off each other. At least in my opinion anyway. That is the problem with lying and playing games. Eventually you get caught in them.

Personally the truth is so much more intriguing than lies that's why I deal in reality.

Hawkins is continuing to state the letter with her signature is a forgery. That is easy enough to verify, but I wonder if she is possibly suggesting that the other signatures on the letter she signed, it is not a forgery, may have been forged as well. It will be interesting to see if ShaWonda Washington and Ron Mitchell say their names were forged as well.

ShaWonda Washington, the VP of the Jets called me as well asking me to pull the story while Tammy was screaming and cussing me out in the background, quite funny really, until she pulled the phone from Ms Washington anyway. I told Ms. Washington I would not pull the story anymore than any other news outlet such as the Courier or WLKY would.

Why would I? I presented a question, supplied the evidence and the rest is history. They continue to force the issue by libelouos and/or slanderous behavior not me.

Besides here is a crash course for you guys on Internet. Once it is online it has a great potential of being there forever. Even if I did pull the story, which I would never consider anyway, google would still show it as a cache and I can't pull that. So no matter what it is there to stay.

To continue lying with the aid of those such as Kent Wilkerson, who held a fundraiser for Ken Herndon, is well libelous. I guess we may let the courts decide that one. Ms. Hawkins is familiar with the court system I assure you as you will see in a later article.

By the way Ms. Hawkins why have you not publicly written a statement or commented on this site with your opinion and stance on this issue? Why continue lying and hurting your credibility when the truth is outed?

Perhaps because she cannot.

In the meantime the real loser here is the California Jets. The Jets deserve an ADULT to lead their youth organization as it it truly is a bright spot amid all the problems in the 6th District, however, Ken Herndon may have just caused them to lose their non profit status.

A non profit CANNOT endorse ANY political candidate or make contributions to them. Essentially it is called electioneering and forbidden by law.

This is the link to the Secretary of State's office on the Jets showing they are non profit.

Considering the shenanigans going on perhaps there should be an audit of the books done as well.

According to the mailer Ken Herndon has publicized (copied here on my last article) Louisville News and Politics: DISTRICT 6 GETS EVEN WEIRDER: IS KEN HERNDON LYING?, and according to Ken's facebook page where he post a picture of him with the Jets and makes the statement: Here's Kenneth Alan Herndon receiving the endorsement from the California Jets. Picture compliments of Tammy Makeitrain, President of the Jets.

Well Ken just jeopardized funding for the kids and he knows better.

He is accusing others of insider deals and this is one that just cannot be ignored at this point. Knowing that a nonprofit cannot endorse candidates and then openly trying to portray that you received the endorsement from one is a serious problem.

This has to be pursued now guys. You left me no choice.

I have challenged David James as you guys had hoped, posted Thomas McAdam on the Deonte Hollowell story, and the Herndon folks are still spreading lies.

The time for games are over in District 6. George Unseld represented that District with integrity. Whether I agreed with his politics or not the next person in that seat has some big shoes to fill.

This political game using a kids organization is an insult to the legacy of George Unseld.

You guys want to spread lies and deceit? No problem.

I will deal with truth as always. And this much is true. You screwed up and just jeopardized the kids. That will not be tolerated. The kids don't deserve it.

You can thank Ken Herndon and LaTonya AKA "Tammy" Hawkins for that.


  1. Why would Ms. Hawkins sacrifice the children?? Was Ken paying her? She had to be getting something out of the deal if she knew legally she could not endorse anyone and she did anyway. This is a sad story. If you have not turned this in to the Secretary of State, I am. Is there anyway Ken and Ms. Hawkins can be investigated? We need to find out what Ken did or how much he paid to persuade Ms. Hawkins to break the law. And that not a bribe if he paid Ms. Hawkins for her endorsement?

  2. As a resident of the 6th, i'm amazed at the turn around that Ken has done. Come hell or high water, he wants the gig... no matter who he has to take down to join the club. even kids. And when asked about specifics to support the 6th moving forward, he can't do it. He just responds with slams against his opponents - especially Mr James.

    One additional point... Not sure why Ken has LGBT support. In an overly dramatic response, Ken made it clear in Sunday's debate in Old Louisville that the mailings two years ago that depicted photoshoped images of him on gay pride float were absolutely "vile" attacks. I agree that the mailings might have turned some voters off; but, the reality is is that because of people on gay pride floats he's able to run for this office. Seems Ken's more proud of being a victim than being gay. The fairness campaign needs to explain their support….


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