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It is beyond insulting that Greg Fischer of all people try to portray Hal Heiner as being less than truthful on anything much less this issue of Fischer buying Green's endorsement. By law he did just that and quite frankly it will not be swept under the rug. It is interesting that the local GOP has shied away from this forcing the State GOP to get involved by requesting an investigation by AG Jack Conway's office.

Doubtful Conway will appoint a special prosecutor any time soon with the election less than 2 weeks away but we shall see.

Why a special prosecutor? Because Jack is a Greg Fischer fan and has donated to his campaign thus creating a serious conflict of interest. But hey that doesn't matter in many cases when it comes to Conway who thinks a college prank from 30 years ago is the most important issue in his own race for Senate.

For the record GOP I said by Friday if no suit was filed I would file it. I don't expect you to have the guts to do it and I am prepared to and will.

Even if Conway were to appoint a special prosecutor how many have faith an invetsigation will be done in a timely manner? It took years to get Steve Henry's investigation done and the King case looks like it will take years as well. Democratic politics as usual.

Has the Democratic Party really become the Dimocratic party many of us tease about them being for real? You bet and this case proves it even more.

Fischer is denying he approached Green with an offer even AFTER Green publicized he did. Of course Green is now saying he has memory problems. No the only problem Green has is not memory in something this significant but his problem is his own stupidity by overestimating just how powerful he thinks he is. After whining about no media attention throughout this whole campaign Jackie Green finally gave mainstream a reason to report about him.

He hoped they would so he could force Fischer to do his bidding. That isn't forgetful that is calculating. Green is a liar in my opinion.

Of course why wouldn't he overestimate? Fischer gives him credibility by making an illegal deal for what. A dozen votes from Green fanatics due to his own fear of losing this election.

Joe Arnold has a great story on this here:
Emails reveal endorsement negotiations between Fischer, Green Louisville Blogs News .... Interesting to see Fischer quoted as talking about truth.

Here is a guy who continually lies about inventing an ice dispenser, lies about supposed awards he has been given, and so many other things I could write a book. The bottom line is Fischer lies every time he opens his mouth proving it is a way of life for him. Fischer would not know thetruth if it bit him.

The real problem is that Green is too stupid to know when to shut up and quit. Green felt he could put Fischer on the defensive by releasing emails to his staff and the media forcing Greg to do his bidding. Know what? It worked. Greg did his bidding.

Fischer was so pissed after the Green release of documents that he made the deal in hopes that the issue would go away so close to election day.

Check this from Arnold:

On Friday night, just two hours after Green released an e-mail to his staff and the media that disclosed his demands for his endorsement, Green announced that he was backing Fischer. It came after a WHAS11 News story featured an interview with Green disclosing that endorsement negotiations were underway, that "documents" had been exchanged, and that Fischer's inclusion of public transit during a mayoral debate that day was a signal that Fischer had adjusted his priorities as a result of his interchange with Green.

Green's statements on WHAS11 infuriated Fischer's team who issued a moratorium to Green that either he endorse that night or lose any standing with Fischer.

Green said Poynter told him, "We’re ready to pull the plug on this."

In an e-mail from Green to Fischer campaign spokesman Chris Poynter at 6:07pm Friday. Green requests that the words "significant input" be added to a sentence in the news release regarding Green's role in determining who will lead Fischer's Office of Sustainability. At 6:38pm, the endorsement is announced with Green to provide "significant input" to help structure that office.

Fischer is an idiot and a lying, illegal one at that. Fischer has proven once again that he will do anything to get elected and why is that? Fischer has no great desire to serve the public. He has never shown any inclination to do anything that he doesn't benefit from.

No Fischer is in this for the special interests he will gain from if elected. Why do millionaire's want an office that pays them a pittance of what they make outside of it?

So they can make more. Fischer is locked at the hip with River Fields and a whole host of other special interests he will benefit from in more ways than we can count.

Think I am wrong? Do a background check on elected officials.

Think about how many people get elected to office and come out with a lot more money than what they entered with. Think that is coincidence? No that is why many want the job. Not all, but for most it is not an altruistic desire to "give back" to the people. At least not without a tithe paid to the politician.

Of course now Green just jeopardized the tithe he was paid for the endorsement because of his own idiocy and playing power politics without knowing how. In short, his own arrogance and ego screwed him. Thank God.

Green is even now destroying what little future he had left by making asinine statements like this one:

Green confirmed that he sent the e-mail, but said the accuracy of his account of the meeting was questionable because he has a poor memory.

"I haven’t the slightest idea," Green said, "I might even have been off base. That might have been our team raising that issue. Ask anybody who knows me what I remember about dates times and specifics. I am a generalist. But the details I lose all the time. I don’t remember my wife’s birthday. I don’t remember my daughter’s birthday."

Translation? "I overplayed my hand by using the media to pressure Greg and Greg is pissed. I better backtrack to save myself once again." Telling the whole world you are incompetent and can't remember anything after trying to run for office? Gee Jackie wonder if you will be stupid enough to run for any office ever again since you just said you can't deal in specifics.

It seems I recall you being specific on my radio show about neighborhood developments etc.

No Jackie it isn't because you can't remember specifics. It is the selective memory process when you get caught and is as old as any story by anyone committing a crime. Some call it jailhouse pallor. You know lie to cover your butt. It isn't that you can't remember you just overplayed your hand by standing in traffic and thinking it would stop for you. When you play in traffic there is a chance you will be hit.

Jackie you bitched, moaned, and groaned for months begging for media. YOU played the victim card and now got the attention you have been craving.

One question.

How does it feel?

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  1. ...the most "important+ election overlooked and that is the sheriffs. I'm voting for Don FitzGerald , he has been endorsed by Sheriff Mack of Oath Keepers and if Don FitzGerald is elected . I believe he will want all the other sheriffs to at least to become associate members and "hell" , I even do a fund raiser to help pay for it . How about you John Aubry , will you too ?


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