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Time to do some quick updates as there is so much going on election day cannot come soon enough. Speaking of which I will have my annual election predictions up next week so stay tuned.

Michael Lewis, independent candidate for State House District 35, was in Court last week over the nuisance suit former Chair of the State Democratic Party Jennifer Moore solicited. He was given until last Friday to take in certified copies of the signatures in question on his ballot petition. Lewis did as instructed and they STILL have not ruled. No surprise there. It is hard for a Democratic Judge to make a ruling on any election case. Independent candidate for Governor Gatewood Galbraith is the defense attorney for Lewis and has presented some incredible arguments to date.

Lewis will win and the voters will have a choice against the incompetent incumbent Democrat Jim Wayne.

Speaking of rulings why is it that Democratic candidate Jeff Donohue, running in District 37 has not been found to be an ineligible candidate yet? The courts ruled against Gail Powers in her bid to unseat Joni Jenkins because of an illegal signature on her petition (by her mom no less) yet Donohue has the same exact problem and still has not been ruled against. There is a deposition scheduled for this morning at 10:30 am.

This case is a no brainer yet the Dems do not want to lose that seat currently held by Democrat Ron Weston. It will be interesting to see if justice is served in this case.

Democrat Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer continues to open mouth insert foot in the scandal regarding his illegal deal with former Mayoral candidate Jackie Green. Now he is accusing Hal Heiner of making a deal with Tyler Allen while using the Dems favorite puppet Tom Owens to do so.

Anyone with half a brain knows Heiner does not work that way. They also realize Tom Owens is an idiot who holds no weight whatsoever. Fischer is now playing the victim card? Really? Do him and Ken Herndon in District 6 use the same campaign manager?

Speaking of Ken Herndon as you know by now Metro Council District 6 has been heating up for some time thanks in large part to the victim card Ken Herndon continually uses. How many times can one guy cry foul anyway? Last week he was openly spreading lies about me and my articles while working closely with California Jets President Tammy Hawkins to do so. Of course this is blatantly against the law and called electioneering since Hawkins supposedly represents the Jets and they are non profit.

Since then I have done plenty of research on the program and in particular Hawkins herself. The findings are astounding and include 2 drug arrests for cocaine. The second in 2002 resulted in a 5 year supervised probation which would normally put someone in jail if they broke probation. In the case of Ms. Hawkins she had several other offenses during the probation period including aggravated assault and many others. And still was not put in jail.

How many people can say that? It is appalling believe me.

She is currently involved in 2 ongoing cases concerning assault as well that will be in court in March. No surprise to me considering how she handled the stories I did but I have a serious question here to raise.

Who in their right mind would allow someone like Tammy Hawkins, a felony cocaine drug abuser, someone who clearly thinks she is above the law, and assaults others at will around children? Especially in a leadership role?

Why is write in Ken Herndon so close to her? This is more troubling than I can write about.

There are many questions to be raised here but someone needs to get on the ball. Hawkins should not be entrusted with children or their organizations. She must be stopped before one of them gets hurt in my opinion.

Finally I am getting a ton of email asking why I have not been on the "attack" against Katie King lately since she is up for reelection. Well quite frankly folks I have never had any personal grudge or attack mind towards Katie or Jim King for that matter.

My fight has always been because of illegality in this case and that fight continues today. Katie should not be on the bench accordingly but to arbitrarily attack just for the sake of doing so crosses a line I don't cross. I find it personally insulting that the Kentucky State Police are STILL "investigating" this case and the fact that Katie is still a sitting Judge at this time.

However, there is not much I can do beyond what I already have to date. I will continue fighting for justice but I will not do it with a personal grudge. In the meantime can someone please explain to me how in the heck she has such weak competition?

That's it for now. Don't forget the election predictions are coming soon so keep reading and as always thanks for dropping by!


  1. Have you called anyone in the California organization about this? Is the media going to pick this up? This is pretty serious if Ms. Hawkins is around kids. I wonder why Ms. Hawkins and Ken Herndon are so close? Have you uncovered anything else on that?? What is Ms. Hawkins and Ken Herndons response? And....I know Councilwoman Judy Green has had her hand in this..wonder what her role is and has been with the Jets??

  2. Ed, you just referred to someone as a "felony cocaine drug abuser".

    The number of people that have struggled with addiction is not small, and you are not inspiring people into recovery if you don't make a distinction between past behavior and current behavior. Unless you're offering to volunteer your time with the California Jets, I propose you not discourage those that are.

    Finally, I understand the Republican party, nationally, has adopted a "insult the minority of the day" mentality. You live in Louisville, and our Republicans here are better than that (Go Heiner!), and so I expect a little better from you.

  3. Curtis...I think the point is that this woman should not be around children. Besides her drug arrests...what about her violent behavior?? Kids need to have a positive role model not someone who is currently tied in court for violent behavior. How do you know Ms. Hawkins has been in recovery? Does Ms. Hawkins speak to the community about her drug arrests and then her recovery? Also. being the president of an organization and being just a volunteer is a huge difference. They are supposed to run checks on anyone that volunteers with children. Curtis, I have personally coached youth sports and having children of my own...this is an outrage! Ed...keep digging...I am sure there is more than meets the eye. And it looks like "Victim" Ken Herndon is heavily involved....we already know that he is involved in one illegal activity...seeking endorsement from a non-profit organization.

  4. Curtis...Do you have children? i really hope not if you feel this woman is the kind of leadership these kids need. Ms. Hawkins does need help, and it does not involve being around children. Ed..when will the news pick this up?! Put Ken Herndon aside, he is a write in and the democrat party is done with him anyway.By the way speaking of Ken...he is now claiming he is a security expert, and has worked with LMPD for 13 years! Does this guy even know how to tell the truth?? Ms. Hawkins needs to go and take Ken, my political career is gone, with her.

  5. Curtis I have spent most of my adult life volunteering with children and continue to do so today. I will personally discourage and out anyone who is a threat to children who are volunteering.

    Hawkins has a long arrest record including felony cocaine posession on more than one occassion. She has continually been arrested for violence and assault with 2 pending cases today. That is not someone who should be entrusted to be around our kids in any role model form at all much less on a board that represents them.

    I will out anyone who is around children in any capacity with a record and continued criminal behavior that is around kids.

    She is an embarrassment to those who volunteer to work with children who are good role models. I know first hand I have spent my adult life being involved.

    There is no way to justfiy her being around kids nor is there any way to justify the Ken Herndon using her to spread lies as appears to be his habit.

    By the way accusing me of speaking in a roundabout way as a Republican? You know better and it is curious you would try that.

    It is very telling.

  6. I was looking for your take of the case of Metro government employee Eric Garrett being exonerated of all charges, getting all his back pay and even having a past disciplinary suspension for 3 days overturned but you haven't even mentioned it. You were such an advocate for Garrett, I'm kind of surprised you didn't follow up.

  7. Anonymous I AM following up. This is election season and much is going on and as I have stated previously my time right now has to be prioritized. With the election in roughly a week my focus is there for now.

    I am behind Garrett 100% and will continue to be. As a matter of fact the easy thing would be to put out a fluff piece about Garret winning but I am working on an in depth piece and how this will affect his current lawsuit.

    Stay tuned.

    Thanks for writing.


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