Friday, October 15, 2010


Greg Fischer has been an embarrassment for many years as a candidate for office. First against Bruce Lunsford with the asinine untruthful negative attacks and now against Republican challenger for Louisville Metro Mayor Hal Heiner.

Fischer has lied time and again about awards he has received, the jobs he has created, and the so called invention of the ice machine he now distributes. He has literally attacked Hal Heiner on issues only to steal them and try to portray them as his own later. Public record is a marvelous thing Greg Fischer.

And this is just the surface. River Fields and a whole host of other special interests he loves are more.

Now as the election grows nearer Fischer has went to the garbage can again as I and many others predicted he would.

First he chastised Hal Heiner for airing a commercial about the need to overhaul our student assignment plan because the Mayor has no control over that issue.

Then Fischer followed through with a campaign commercial of his own essentially mirroring Hal Heiner's position undoubtedly because polling Fischer had done showed he was the one who was wrong.

He aired a commercial implying that Hal wanted the East end bridge because Hal would "benefit" from having a business park in Indiana. Once again he wasn't exactly honest in his attack there either.

Curt Morrison over at has a great story on this misdirection by Fischer but essentially Fischer has lied about his Indiana business as well. He has stated that if elected Mayor he would sell his property in Indiana to avoid any conflict of interest yet he failed to state that the said property was already up for sale.

Or lease.

He also failed to mention that if the ORBP plan was constructed as is that FISCHER would be the one benefiting since his business park is located off Exit 7 when you drive up I-65. Yep and very easily so at that. So much for that attack by Fischer on Hal.

Additionally upon further research (thanks again Curt) according to the Indiana Secretary of State's office in Indiana Fischer's LLC, Fischer Enterprises, LLC is not eligible to receive a Certificate of Existence/Authorization.

Does Greg want to explain that one to the Louisville, Kentucky voters?

Probably not. In Greg's world it is easier to lie, run negative attacks, and then come back and try to claim your opponent's ideas as your own. Leadership? Not hardly. The only transparent thing Fischer has done is proven once again just why we did not elect him in his previous races.

Fischer has proven time and again throughout this election that he will lie, cheat, and steal in his vain attempt to win at all costs. Meanwhile once again we are being short changed of ideas and solutions by someone seeking to represent us in Greg Fischer. This is what we can ill afford at this critical juncture in Louisville history.

Abramson has destroyed Louisville and what it could be in many eyes and Fischer wants to continue down that path due to his vanity or ego.

Either way he is not fit for the job of Metro Mayor as he has continually proven.

Apparently he is not fit for Certifying his existence in Indiana either. Maybe he can't be certified but perhaps he is "certifiable."

'Nuff said?

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