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update: Fischer made the deal with Green and Green just dropped out and endorsed him. Fischer stated this: Fischer has announced plans to create the Office of Sustainability, a Cabinet-level department that reports directly to the mayor and works to make Louisville a greener city. Fischer said he will consult with Green to provide significant input to help structure that office.

You know I have sympathized with Jackie Green's plight to be heard as an independent candidate for Louisville Metro Mayor and why not? As an independent candidate in 2006 for the same job I definitely related to the blackballing by many in media who refused then and now to include ALL candidates an equal voice.

When finally allowed in the debates I proved that even though I was a registered independent not all independents are "nut jobs." I did very well according to all reports and the media finally came around accordingly. To struggle that hard and to be credited with helping open the door for other independent candidates in future races was a humbling experience and one I was very proud to be a part of.

With that said Jackie Green has now proven why many media outlets just do not risk exposure to an outsider independent candidate. Jackie Green may have just set that movement back even longer with his selfish attempt to grab some sort of egotistical power.

Yep I am constantly bombarded with press releases from Jackie Green just like most media is but it has always been the same basic message. "I am being ignored, they won't let me speak, my idea is the only one that matters, blah, blah, blah etc."

In the interest of fairness however you notice I don't post every press release I get from the other candidates either.

There is only so much one can say in different words but portraying the same message. Yet as bored as I am with Jackie's constant lines I was still a believer in Jackie's right to be heard. Until today.

Jackie has been using the limited voice he has actually believing he was building up enough credibility to be a deal maker for the Louisville Metro Mayor race. Read here from the CJ:
Jackie Green negotiating endorsement of Greg Fischer, possible input on environmental post The Courie....

Green reached out to Greg Fischer to see about being given a job in exchange for his dropping out of the race.

Green said he wants “significant” input in picking the leader of the Office of Sustainability that would be created in a Fischer administration. Green said he also wants an assurance that the office will have “authority and priority” in a Fischer administration.

Green said he may be the best person to run the office, or it might be someone else.

“That may merit my dropping out and endorsing him,” Green said. “What kind of commitment can he make to the Office of Sustainability, and can my team pick the head of that department?

“We want that kind of control and input of that office.” What a sellout Green is.

Never mind that Hal Heiner has been on record stating it was unfair for Jackie to be excluded from the debates. Never mind that Hal Heiner has led the way against the ORBP in its entirety in favor of breaking it up into more manageable pieces. A move by the way Jackie that would free up money to look into some of your transportation ideas completely opposite of the man you want a job from.

Why Fischer, when even Jackie has alluded to the fact Hal may be better for the job? Quite simply in my opinion he approached Hal Heiner and Hal flat out refused to deal. That is Hal Heiner. He will not make a deal just to get elected. It is a matter of integrity and I would have a hard time believing Hal would make a deal and sacrifice his integrity just to get elected.

Jackie Green never run for office again. Seriously.

Many like myself always knew you had no chance at winning but always stood by your right to be heard. I sincerely hope the community now recognizes the blatant credibility gap Green has not only labeled on himself, but I hope Green is also aware of the whole "guilt by association" label that will now be held against other Independent candidates who have a real desire to serve, and real ideas and solutions, that will help better our communities and our government.

Open dialogue and a willingness to engage in it is great for the community and that is why it is important for all voices to be heard. Unfortunately, when you have someone like Jackie Green making a mockery of those discussions, not to mention making a mockery of the dozen people who follow him, in favor of selling out for his own gain then that dialogue is diminished greatly.

No Jackie Green you just proved once again the underside of the Democratic establishment and their motives. You just proved you were one and the same.

Take your ball and go home. We don't need you nor do we care about your ridiculous one trick pony side show.

Greg Fischer has just proven once again that he is scared of losing and will do anything to get elected. The funny thing is I don't think the idiot really sees the negative in all of this. For starters who the hell is Jackie Green to request or demand anything to get out of the race?

Greg has spent his time chastising Hal Heiner on his platforms and ads only to use the same exact ones a couple of weeks later, he has lied consistently throughout this campaign on his "accomplishments," and now feels like he has to discuss a deal with someone who isn't credible or worthy of one?

Greg has been playing follow the leader throughout tis whole campaign because Greg quite frankly does not have a clue what leadership is. The only thing he has led on is playing "let's make a deal." The deals by Abramson are what have destroyed Louisville and its promise. Fischer is proving he is just as corrupt at every turn.

Jackie Green has zero credibility and will not produce enough votes to get Greg elected dog catcher. He wouldn't get enough to make a difference before this asinine move and most certainly will not now.

Just how fearful is Greg of losing to even contemplate making a deal with Green? How little does Greg really understand about the issues Green brings up that he would actually entertain creating a job for Green, or someone of Green's choosing, who can't get anything done anyway?

I think campaign manager for Hal Heiner Joe Burgan summed it quite well:

Fischer “sees how close it is, he is having trouble garnering votes and he wants to create them by getting a candidate out of the race,” Burgan said. “He is promising jobs in his administration to get someone out of the race. And there’s just no room for it in politics.

“To wheel and deal in metro government salaries for the benefit of a campaign is dirty politics. It’s absolutely inappropriate.”

I agree Joe 100%.


  1. great column, this disgusts me on so many levels. Go Heiner!

  2. The bad thing is this is absolutely required in order to win for Fischer. This is one big reason why Instant Runoff Voting is needed. Then there won't be an incentive to bribe other candidates out of the race.

  3. Jackie is still on the ballot and it looks like his campaign is as active as ever. I'm still voting for him.

  4. Please do so. He has to officially withdraw andit is too late to take his name off the ballot. I hope everyone votes for him since theywill not be counted.

  5. Who said the votes won't be counted, Ed?

  6. IF he officially withdraws they will not be counted. IF he doesn't that should be a major concern for Fischer and this deal. It will be interesting to see what they do.


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