Wednesday, October 13, 2010


In what has been one of the worst kept secrets going in political circles, Republican State House candidate for District 44 Gail Powers candidacy was being challenged by current Rep., or I should say a front person for current State Rep Joni Jenkins. The ruling by Judge Irv Maze is that Powers is disqualified.

You can read the CJ story here:
Gail Powers ruled ineligible in Louisville's District 44 House race The Courier-Journal.

According to the CJ Judge Irv Maze ruled last week that one of the two required signatures on Gail Powers' petition is invalid because the individual does not live in the 44th District. The signature being challenged was that of Gail Powers own mom who signed the petition and lives just slightly out of district.

Judge Maze, in my opinion, interpreted the law correctly. Everything else at this point appears to be legal maneuvering and will just be added confusion.

With that said I must tell you that I know Gail Powers on a personal level. She would never intentionally try to do this. Gail has one of the truest desires to serve as any I have ever met. Her mom wanted to be the signer on her petition and Gail was proud to have her signed name on her behalf. Understandable for anyone.

There was never an intent to bring disrespect to the District or the voters. It truly was an innocent violation but it was a violation.

But the law is clear that there are two signatures required from residents within the District for the nominating petition to be legal.

That brings us to a story I did earlier on Democratic candidate for State House District 37 Jeff Donohue who is trying to get elected to Ron Weston's State House seat. Donohue has the same exact problem. Louisville News and Politics: STATE HOUSE 37TH DISTRICT HEATING UP

His petition includes a signature by former Deputy Mayor, and Abramson sidekick, Rick Johnstone's son Neil who lives outside the 37th District, and therefore makes Donohue ineligible. There can be no other way.

If Judge Maze got it right in the Powers case, I believe he did, then it would apply equally as well to the Donohue case. Donohue had this to say:

“The state of Kentucky has certified me as the candidate not only in the primary but in the general election and we are going to move forward,” he said.

That dog just won't hunt as clearly Judge Maze has ruled. That is the same basic argument for Powers that Judge Maze just ruled on so clearly this argument will not work. The law is clear in this regard. Weird I know but it is.

The sad part is that the citizens of District 44 will not have a contested election nor will the citizens of District 37. As it stands now Democrat Jenkins wins by default, and Republican Wade Hurt now will represent the 37th District in place of Ron Weston.

Pay attention folks there are still more cases going on challenging candidacies as we speak.

Stay tuned...........

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