Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Seriously is this the best Lally has to offer? He debated John Yarmuth again last night at U of L continuing to repeat the same lies he got embarrassed by on Monday night's debate at KET. For the record KET did a good job allowing ALL candidates to be heard in their debate on Monday while the WHAS debate excluded Ed Martin and Mike Hansen.

Why are you not inclusive WHAS?

But I digress. On Monday Lally accused Yarmuth of voting with Nancy Pelosi 99% of the time. He did the same last night even after Yarmuth embarrassed him when he told him on Monday that "out of 3300 votes I have cast I have voted with Pelosi 300 times and Geoff Davis (a Republican) 1800 times.

Um Todd you need to try a new one. Seriously. You keep making your self look dumber every time you speak.

Lally tried to accuse Yarmuth of denying Social Security cost of living raises. Of course that was not true either.

Yarmuth pointed out the fact that such a determination is based on a formula Congress has no control over. The Social Security Administration is in charge of such adjustments. John then stated “To make a statement like that is irresponsible and ignorant.”

I agree.

Todd said he would have repealed the stimulus money except that does not add up either. Part of the stimulus money included an $8000 credit for new home buyers. Why is this important?

Because Todd Lally's family makes their money in real estate and benefited from it at a time when the real estate market was bottoming out. Ask him how much his immediate family made off that stimulus alone. Ask him if he was against the stimulus that would hurt his family economically before it expired.

Yep these things are important.

I was personally offended when he lied about the VA hospital forum at the American Legion post. Todd said HE spearheaded the forum with the vets which was a blatant lie.

Patrick Duerr, Metro Council candidate for District 9 spearheaded the event on behalf of the vets. Lally contacted Duerr AFTER he heard about the event and begged to be part of it of which Duerr graciously allowed him to be. Of course then Todd tried to hijack the event and make it about him and not the vets.

I know I was in attendance.

Lally is trying to USE veterans for his gain when the truth is so much different as well. As a vet I am insulted.

Todd tried to go after Yarmuth on healthcare. We actually share common ground here but I had a problem with this statement from Lally:

“We lose a product that we liked to give the 15 percent of people who didn't have the opportunity,” Lally said. “Why did we work for the 15 percent?”

Todd do you believe we should ignore the 15%? Our Constitution applies to all equally and fairly. By this statement you are saying that 15% of the people should be ignored and that is unacceptable to anyone. If we do not work for the least among us then we have serious problems as a nation and a people.

Our forefathers knew that why don't you?

Todd went on to state that we needed to return our spending levels to the 2008 levels. Great talking point but he clearly has no idea what that would do as Yarmuth pointed out to him.

By returning to those levels the veterans that Todd is trying to USE for his own gain would suffer as it would end medical programs for wounded veterans approved since 2008. Are these programs unnecessary Todd?

As a vet I believe they are very necessary.

So much for Lally and veterans. Remember John Kerry? Do we have similarities here in regards to veterans? Truth versus fiction perhaps? One more instance where Todd "hears" things he makes talking points without doing the research or work needed to inform himself of the facts.

Finally, don't ask, don't tell. When asked about that Lally's response included this statement:
the debate was a “family affair” and “when you see it, you'll know.”

Todd is proving himself to be ill informed on every one of the issues and is proving a willingness to lie for his own gain. That was the reason I decided to NOT support him in this election. He simply will not do the necessary work to get educated on the issues or even knows what the job entails if he were elected.

That sounds like more of the same he says he is fighting against to me. After spending months trying to help Lally, and practically begging him to do the work necessary to LEARN even volunteering to help him get information, I finally had to give up a couple of months ago as you know. Todd has no desire to get informed or he just does not care to. It is pathetic to see just how partisan, ill informed, and bigoted he is when he had so much promise if he would do the necessary work.

To continue seeing this makes me realize how thankful I am not to be a part of this campaign.

So I leave you with this in the case of Todd Lally.

Mr. Springston how would you define when someone is not ready to be elected to office?

Well if I may borrow the words of Republican 3rd Congressional District candidate Todd Lally I will say "when you see it, you will know."

Lally proves these words to be true more and more every day.....

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