Sunday, October 10, 2010


Everyone knows that Ron Weston decided against running for reelection in the 37th State House race leaving the door wide open for an open race in the district. Former UAW Democrat Jeff Donahue received the nod for the seat in the primary and faces off against former Jefferson County Republican LD Wade Hurt.

There have been rumors for a while now in Fairdale that Weston gave up the seat due to a deal with Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer that if he gets elected would include Weston as a Deputy Mayor or in some other capacity in his administration. Of course there are rumors as well that Weston and Rick Johnstone both refused to sign the nominating papers for Jeff Donahue.

Seems kind of a shaky agreement all around to many but on Friday the stakes got even higher.

A lawsuit was filed challenging the legality of Jeff Donahue's campaign. And it involves none other than former Deputy Mayor, and current double dipper for Abramson Rick Johnstone's son.

Neil Johnstone, son of Rick Johnstone, signed the petition as one of the two signatures required for legal candidates also signing and swearing that he was a resident of the 37th District and therefore eligible to sign. The problem is a simple one.

Johnstone lists his address as 2304 Top Hill Road, Fairdale Kentucky. That is in State Rep. Kevin Bratcher's 29th District. Johnstone has committed perjury by false swearing and Donahue is now ineligible to run.

Of course that is what the law states anyway though we will soon see how manipulative the Democratic Judges will be in this case.

In the meantime I for one am glad to see this action.

As everyone knows Democratic party attorney Jennifer Moore decided to start this idiotic lawsuit garbage challenging every candidate in races she wants to. Choosing to go after independents such as Michael Lewis and Deonte Hollowell for example.

The Repubs did the same thing by using a Republican party attorney named Vincent Heuser, Jr. to try and get Ed Martin off the ballot as well. They used an illegal lawsuit wasting time and resources only to withdraw it after it was found to be illegal.

Your welcome.

The beauty of this one is that an independent is fighting back.

Independent Paul Holliger, who resides in the District filed the lawsuit. When asked why he filed the lawsuit Holliger had this to say:

"It seems as if Jennifer Moore has a personal agenda. I have been watching the lawsuits being filed by Jennifer Moore attacking independents and quite frankly as a researcher myself I decided to look into my own district races to see if they were legal. If the parties want to challenge independent candidacies that they see as a threat then independents have the same right and opportunity.

Thanks to Jennifer Moore I was able to find this illegal candidacy and challenge it accordingly."

Seems Jennifer Moore has screwed up once again in her quest to try to be relevant and set herself up for a political run next year. Believe me we bloggers will have a field day if she does.

In the meantime Donahue should be disqualified immediately. Furthermore Johnstone may want to pay attention in the future if he gets involved with political races. You would think he would know at least which District he resided in since his Dad made a career of politics.

Just sayin'..........


  1. May I be the first to say the following...Welcome to Frankfort Rep Hurt!!!!

  2. Republican House candidate Gail Powers was ruled ineligible yesterday by a judge for the exact same reason. Don't see how Donahue can get out of this one?


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