Sunday, October 10, 2010


We wonder why we have so many problems? According to Forbes the list is long and here is the article that tells us why: The Best and Worst Run States In America: A Survey of All Fifty - 24/7 Wall St. Kentucky ranks at or near the bottom in every category they used for this assessment.

According to the article this is what they had to say.

50th. Kentucky
Debt per Capita: $8,899 (37th)
Unemployment Rate: 10% (38th)
Home Price Change (’06 – ’09): 6.1% (24th)
Median Household Income: $40,072 (41st)

Although Kentucky doesn’t place 50th in any one category, its overall poor scores secures its place as the worst-run state on our list. It is 43rd in GDP per capita, 47th in median household income, 47th in citizens with high school diplomas, and, at 18.6%, is 48th for percentage of the population below the poverty line. Kentucky also has an extremely weak S&P rating of AA-, supporting our assessment that it is the worst-run state in the country.

Even I am left speechless but not surprised.

Take education for example. With the advent of busing back in the '70's, KERA in the '90's, and No Child Left Behind it certainly appears that in Kentucky education is most definitely being left behind. 47th in the Nation with kids having high school diplomas?

That is bad enough but look at the other factors as well.

43rd in GDP per capita, 47th in median income per household, and 48th in population below the poverty line. Yep it appears the Democrats who have controlled our fate for so long have done a top notch job doesn't it?

Can there be any doubt that these factors all stem from at least one common denominator.


This is the key to changing things for the better. Creating a better tax structure to entice business to move here and provide real jobs with real living wages would help as well. Sadly, do not expect to see any changes if we continue keeping the same old people in office.

It is time to look outside the box for candidates who bring fresh ideas and solutions into elections regardless of party. The Dems have done a lousy job for years and it shows in this report, however, the Republicans have simply not built themselves up to be the greatest alternative either.

What will entice them both to make changes for our betterment is to change the structure of government by electing new people outside the party status quo in many cases. Whether it be a new Democrat, new Republican, or new Independent or Libertarian, the choices must be made to let them know we will no longer sit idly by and let their will be done.

It is time to make sure our will, the will of the people is done.

In Kentucky I know I have a few races myself I want to see changes in and so do many others. I would love to see Hal Heiner as Louisville metro Mayor changing the stranglehold of the Democratic machine here that we have suffered from for so long. I would love to see someone like Brian Simpson defeat 20 year Democratic incumbent Larry Clark who abuses his role.

It is time to move beyond the standard partisan party rhetoric and stand for who will do the job. Open our eyes and our ears and see what is truly happening in our world.

My hope is that by educating each of you on this report that this information will instill in all of you the desire to get involved and vote for a better future. Regardless of who your candidate is we must at least ask ourselves if we are where we should be with their leadership. If the answer is no then change the leadership.

Remember it is up to each of us to do our part and go vote for change. I am not satisfied with where we are and this proves one more reason why.

Now that you are educated get involved.

OUR future definitely depends on it.


  1. Elect Rand Paul and he'll throw all of those people that depend on SS disability in coal country off of it. Then what, do we have soup lines? Or is that too expensive? Career politicians in state government like Dan Seum, David Williams, Steve Beshear helped cause all of this. And if those idiots that eleced THEM elect Paul to the US Senate we are really screwed. No wonder we are 50th. No one wants to pay taxes to teach these kids anything, so they stay dumb as rocks and grow up to elect dumbasses.
    I'm supporting Gatewood next year for governor. I hope you will join me.


  2. Kentucky #1 WORST in 2011 American State Litter Scorecard. State has no anti-litter campaign covering cities and counties.


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