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As everyone knows by now Republican Gail Powers was disqualified from the ballot in her race against Joni Jenkins in State House District 44 because one of her signatures (her mom's) was disqualified because she did not live in District 44. This decision was upheld by the Court of Appeals in Judges Combs, Nickell, and Stumbo.

They stood with Judge Irv Maze who made the initial ruling disqualifying Ms. Powers. That leads us to District 37 and Democrat Jeff Donahue.

I did a story on this situation 2 weeks ago here: Louisville News and Politics: STATE HOUSE 37TH DISTRICT HEATING UP and the matter is still not resolved.

Though the law is clear cut and has survived the appeals process, as evidenced by Gail Powers case #2010-CA-001875-1, the Donahue camp and the Democrats just will not let this go. In fact they requested a deposition from Paul Holliger the independent who brought about the charges on Friday.

Why is this interesting?

For starters I spoke with Mr. Holliger and was fascinated with the line of questioning. The lawyer representing Donahue was none other than Pete Karem brother of Dave Karem. Gee I wonder if politics is the reason behind this one? Sarcasm purely intended.

But at the rate these guys get paid by the hour for depos one would think they would stick to the issues at hand wouldn't they? Apparently not. They did ask the usual questions such as "why did you choose to pursue this case" at which point Holliger told them exactly what he told me as I quoted in my previous article above.

Big surprise. They then asked if he was working on behalf of Republican Wade Hurt and Holliger denied this. In fact there is no evidence whatsoever that Holliger is working for Hurt but it was an obvious question. But then things got weird.

Karem then wanted to know the names of Holliger's children. Anyone want to tell me what that has to do with the case?

Then amazingly they switched questioning towards something unforeseen.

They asked if Holliger knew Paul Hosse. Which Holliger does. They then asked if he followed Hosse's blog. Which Holliger does. Then they wanted to know if Hosse had ever written anything about this case essentially trying to make it appear that Paul Hosse had something to do with this.

Are you serious?

I couldn't believe it myself.

For starters Paul Hosse has his own blog here: Another Opinion. Never has Hosse written about or alluded to this story or case whatsoever. In fact I was the one who initially raised the question on my website here.

Hosse has worked previously on behalf of the Democratic Party years ago and at some point there was some contention so Hosse left. Why in the world would they bother with Hosse at this point who has had absolutely nothing to do with this story? Who knows but I would bet it has something to do with Dave Karem and an old grudge.

Hosse if you are reading this give me a call or make a statement I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

In the meantime why is Donahue fighting this when the law has just been clearly established against him and through the appeals process as well?

One thing comes to mind. Politics.

The reasoning is simple. Delay this case until AFTER the election. The logic is clear.

If they can keep this from being settled until after Nov 2 then Donahue remains a candidate legally. IF Donahue loses the vote in this election then nothing will be done. IF he wins the popular vote then we have a problem.

If Wade Hurt loses the popular vote to Donahue, who will be declared ineligible I assure you, then the Democratic party can force a special election and submit a new candidate. Ron Weston perhaps? Probably not Ron as he left for a reason I will divulge in time.....

If Donahue wins the election and is disqualified who picks his replacement? The Democratic party. See where I am going?

If Donahue is ineligible prior to the vote on November 2 then the Dems lose this seat period.

They cannot replace him on the ballot and Wade Hurt wins by default giving the Republicans this seat.

By delaying justice to muddy the field they force a special election and can work to keep the House seat. There is precedent and law backing this theory up. The case of Dana Seum Stephenson and Virginia Woodward is exactly the same. Stephenson won the popular vote but then was declared ineligible. Woodward thought she would have the seat by default and then a special election was forced because she didn't win the actual election.

This is the same horse and the Democrats have been waiting for an excuse to play this game against the Republicans since that case.

Bottom line is this.

Elect Wade Hurt and eliminate this garbage way of politics. In 2 years the Dems can try again.

With the illegal electioneering by Democrat Greg Fischer between him and Jackie Green, the consistent problems in District 6 thanks to Ken Herndon, the whole King fiasco over the last couple of years, and now this pathetic attempt to circumvent the law by the Democrats and Jeff Donahue.

Isn't it time to force someone to clean up their house?

I for one am sick of these politics and the way they continue screwing we the people. The Democratic machine is proving itself to be an egotistical bunch of idiots who think they are above the law. Help me clean it up by sending a message to them.

Vote Wade Hurt in District 37 and vote Hal Heiner for Mayor.

In the meantime pay attention to what I have outlined here. If Donahue does not get declared ineligible by Nov 2 or he does not voluntarily withdraw, get ready for the special election scenario I outlined. It is what both parties do best. Fight for a seat they have no right to. That seat is ours and we deserve better than these asinine political party power plays.

Remember you heard it here first folks.


  1. It shouldn't matter who filed the suit or who they know. Bottom line, Donahue should be ineligble based on the law. Focusing on anything other than the applicable state statute is, like you said, an attempt to delay or muddy waters.

  2. It’s always entertaining to read your blog Ed. My reaction is this: Are you serious indeed? I find it laughable; bordering on the absurd. I don’t know how anyone there kept a straight face. Whoever did the research for the deposition obviously didn’t do their homework. I wonder if it was a first year law student. Anyone know?

    I am a center right Republican; have been for years. My political blog, Another Opinion, which I’ve been publishing since 2005, is a non-partisan conservative blog which focuses mainly on national issues. I rarely write about local issues. I certainly didn’t write about this one (I believe you broke the story on this Ed, and you’ve been like a bloodhound on it since). I live in the 38th House District, not the 37th, so I don’t have a dog in this race. I don’t know Steve or David Karem; couldn’t pick either one out of a line up, though I would like to try at this point.

    I will say this; I believe that candidates should be “legal”. It is incumbent on the candidate to verify the signatures of the individuals who witness their papers. Those individuals need to be registered voters of the same party as the candidate and living in the same district as the candidate. Gail Powers made the mistake of not double checking, and she’s out of the race. From what I understand of this situation, Jeff Donahue did the same thing. For Donahue to fight this; knowing that he will, in the end, lose, will only taint him and his sponsors. It’s better to admit you made a mistake and bow out gracefully. There’s always another year and another race. It sound to me like those advising him doesn’t have his best interests at heart, but that’s only my opinion.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Paul. I was dumbfounded when I found out about the line of questioning myself. A high school kid could have done a better job.

    Anonymous-thanks as well. This is a blatant attempt to muddy the field. The question now is will they back out before November 2 just to prove me wrong. We shall see....

    Thanks folks.


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