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The headline speaks for itself. Current AG and Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway may have been involved in trying to cover up an investigation into alleged drug dealing by his brother Assistant Commonwealth's attorney Matt Conway.

Read the CJ article here:
LMPD probes detectives who tipped off prosecutor under investigation The Courier-Journal

A mess to be sure but many questions need answers and Jack Conway has not stepped up and answered them. Interesting that he would continue to attack Rand Paul about not answering questions about his college "aqua buddha" days from 30 years ago yet finds it relevant to ignore questions about potential drug possession and trafficking in his own life today.

That is a serious problem as well but that is up to the voter.

In the meantime I have been critical of Jack Conway for not doing his job in the Jim King case and I am convinced that it is because of politics. This case is the same thing. Politics. With that said however, I was also critical of Jack during the King case for what I felt was leaving his brother under the bus since Matt was quoted as leaving the King campaign because of ethical concerns in the CJ last year.

Part of that was due to the investigation into the Ken Herndon anti gay flier.

So for me do I still accuse Jack of throwing his brother to the wolves after it now appears he was potentially trying to protect him?

Yep. He got involved in this mess because it would hurt him and his Senate chances. He did not have that problem in the other case so Jack is proving to be as selfish as I thought.

In the meantime it seems one of the biggest problems in this whole mess could be the Conway's attorney Bart Adams. Anonymous sources have told me that Adams was the one that suggested Matt lie about being tipped off. I have to say at this point this is unsubstantiated but if proven true raises some serious concerns.

Additionally, I am also told that the divorce Matt went through in late 2007 and early 2008 was a messy one. The info I am being told is that his ex wife had a substance abuse problem with prescription drugs and Matt tried his best to help her until she finally got caught having an affair with the person purported to be her dealer.

At this point the person alleged to be her dealer was upset about the terms of the divorce or possibly being outed by Conway so he initiated the charges against Matt Conway.

Confused yet? I am also being told that this alleged dealer has a current warrant out for his arrest in Louisville today. I am working on collaboration now.

Dave Stengel, as everyone knows I have no love lost for him either, cleared Conway in the drug charges though admitted it was a boneheaded thing for Matt to do to lie about being tipped off.
I agree he should not have lied.

I have not seen the evidence admittedly but from all accounts Conway was cleared of drug charges so the lie was definitely a boneheaded thing to do that could cost Matt his job and most certainly has cost him his reputation.

I do have a problem with Jack getting involved and trying to cover his own butt. This from the CJ:

When police interviewed Russ on March 10, he said Adams had called him two or three weeks earlier and told him that Jack Conway wanted to know if police were working on a case involving his brother. Russ said he replied to Adams he couldn’t discuss the matter.

After that conversation, Russ said, Adams called him back two or three more times, saying, “Don’t worry about it, everything’s OK.”

This certainly makes it appear that Jack was trying to use influence whether true or not and that is unacceptable. I wonder how Adam's was able to make the statement that everything was "ok." Additionally, I believe this statement by Adams is even more troubling:

Adams declined to comment in detail, saying: “After the election, I’ll talk to you about anything. I’ve represented Matt from the beginning. The allegations were baseless. I can’t believe police went as far as they did.”

If the allegations were baseless and you can prove that the case went too far then it would seem you would out it right now not wait until after an election. Waiting until after the election makes it appear there is something to hide that would hurt Jack's chances at winning the Senate seat.

I have never met Matt Conway, never spoken with him, nor exchanged any emails. In fact I don't know Matt Conway at all but one thing is sure.

They say karma is a bitch. Thanks to the asinine way Bart Adams is playing this case, and Jack Conway's reluctance to set the record straight until after the election is very telling.

Jack Conway now has his own "aqua buddha" moment and not from 30 years ago.


  1. Every "head" knows the "Aqua Buddha" is slang for "Bong" , I'll trust a man who inhales , before I trust one who doesn't ! How do explain the "Enlightenment" of artists of the late '50's to early '80's ?

  2. Don FitzGerald ( I am a member of Jurisdictionary Club ,I think I met you there once ?) said Me and you should get together and collaborate on some writing as I have "Sooo" much Inside info and evidence of 30 years

  3. Yuo can write me direct at Karl anytime. For the next couple of weeks my time will be limited on when we can hook up though.



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