Thursday, October 28, 2010


It will be along day folks for me so here are a couple of quick updates and questions I have that need answering.

First, Michael Lewis the independent candidate for District 35 State House as you know was ruled ineligible by Judge Mary Shaw who stated his signature requirement was not met. There are problems with this ruling. For starters Judge Shaw incorrectly said that even had Lewis verified the 6 signatures in question he would still fall one short. She gave him credit for 93 signatures. The problem?

Judge Shaw was given proof of seven (7) signatures not six and that would give Lewis 100 needed to qualify. Additionally, Judge Shaw made the distinction that 3 of those that were challenged did not register in the District to vote until October 4. Fair enough, BUT according to the law Judge Shaw used in her opinion, the law states that those who signed must be able to vote for the candidate in the election cycle they are in. Judge Shaw apparently did not make a distinction or pay attention to that in her ruling.

October 4, 2010 was the cut off for registering to vote and be eligible to vote in this general election. This would mean that whether they signed the petition before they were registered or not is irrelevant. The law does not make that distinction and say they must be registered AND qualified to vote at the time of signing.

It should be appealed and it should be won.

Secondly, as you know Jack Conway has been in the hot seat over the investigations into his brother Matt Conway's alleged drug deals. For the record Conway has never been prosecuted or charged with any illegal drug dealings but that is not the issue. Jack has been under scrutiny for possibly involving himself into this in order to squash it. We will know soon enough either way.

In the meantime County Attorney Mike O'Connell has refused to prosecute Matt Conway for a Class A misdemeanor which brings into question his involvement. Conway admitted lying to the public integrity unit when asked, under oath, if he was tipped off about the investigation.

Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel took no action against employee Conway but with the admission of the lie the County Attorney has an obligation here. Why has he not done his job once again?

My opinion is politics based on my experience dealing with his office and that is unacceptable.

One more reason to vote for Michael R. Wilson and get rid of one more part of this machine.

Finally Democrat Jeff Donohue, who was ruled ineligible in his District 37 State House race as well based on an admitted illegal signature, has decided to appeal the decision by using the I didn't know strategy. It is an asinine thing to do and he will lose based on the precedent the Kentucky Court of Appeals made in the Gail Powers case in District 44. Remember these shenanigans should he ever attempt to run for office again.

See you soon!

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